In addition to the following links, notice that many of the subject links are now off the main page and grouped on subject pages of their own. This was done to make the main page easier to scroll down to see the kind of content found on Also, more links have been added to the Baja Home Pages.

*Another new project I am working on is location albums. Instead of searching my 100 trip photo albums to find photos of one place, or one category (like Rock Art) you will look to the place or subject album to see my trip photos taken there. San Borja, for example, can be found in seven of my trip albums (2001-2017). Now, you will have a San Borja album and see the 7 trip photos taken there. I will do missions first, then move to other locations of interest in Baja, see the links below or in the Locations page of Viva Baja.

Observatory highway added to Kilometer List
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WW II in Baja California
1858 Map of the Californias & New Mexico by Theodore Ettling
1803 Pacific Coast Map (San Diego to Punta Abreojos)
February 2024 Baja Bound article: San Ignacio Beginnings
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A new physical features map of the peninsula, large
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Baja Photos Interactive Map, over 1,600 location photos!
Baja Home Pages

LOCATION PHOTO PAGES (NEW, north to south):
Rock Art Sites (Petroglyphs, Pictographs, Geoglyphs)
Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs, 2001-2008 
Santo Domingo in photos, 1886-2017
Shell Island in photos, 1978-2018  
Matomí Canyon in photos, 1979-2017
La Lobera, the sea lion crater, 2005-2016 
Rosario de Arriba in photos, 1949-2017
Rosario de Abajo in photos, 2004-2017
San Fernando in photos, 1926-2017 
Las Pintas in photos, 2000-2016 
Santa María in photos, 1999-2022
Coco’s Corner in photos, 1975-2022
Montevideo in photos, 2002-2017
San Borja in photos, 2001-2017
Rancho San Gregorio, BC, 1960-2022
Santa Gertrudis in photos, 2001-2017
San Ignacio in photos, 2007-2019
Bahía Concepción in photos, 1976-2019
San Bruno 1683-1685 
San Javier in photos, 1926-2017