The second Dominican California mission was named Santo Domingo and located at the mouth of a long valley, a few miles from the ocean. A red-colored cliff was next to the new mission and the first services were held on August 30, 1775, in a cave in the cliff. In 1798, the mission was relocated 2.5 miles inland from the red cliff.

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The red cliff where Santo Domingo was first established. On the right side, the white letters HR are still visible for Hamilton Ranch (a guest ranch, long ago abandoned).
1955 photo from Howard Gulick at the first mission site. Note the HR on the hillside for the nearby Hamilton Ranch.



Note the helicopter and dust where it landed in the background.

“David Kier, your guide to the missions” promo shot. Yes, I ‘got baja’! It was sure a blast to be invited by Cameron to join the tour for three of the days and appear (briefly) on his TV show. I flew in with the helicopter and returned on it.


Elizabeth & David Kier, Santo Domingo selfie, October 2005.

2003 (Jack Sword photo)

1954 (Howard Gulick photo)

1926 (Peveril Meigs photo)

1886 (photo provided by Robert Jackson)