The following are photos at San Borja from my seven visits there, off my photo albums.

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Feb. 2017

Sept. 2016

‘Pila’ (reservoir) stores water from the warm springs, where it cools and loses the sulfur smell. From here, the orchard and crops are irrigated.
Mangos and other fruit trees, grow large in the volcanic soil.
The mission’s water source was this warm spring, called Adac by the Cochimí Natives in the late 1750s.
Ana Licia Gaxiola, mother of the five San Borja children, showed us the warm spring as it was getting dark. As always, be sure to tip the locals whenever they take time to show you sites!
Nice camping in the shade cabañas at the mission.

José has much mining equipment on display from the San Juan mine, high in the mountains to the east. They date from the late 1800s.

José Gerado in 2016, father of the five San Borja children. Read about the family in 1997, in Graham Mackintosh’s second book, ‘Journey with a Baja Burro’ starting on page 185.
Ingots from Las Flores, where the gold and silver ore from San Juan was processed.

My guest and Tacoma co-pilot Pat Malone, in the steps of the padres…

Prior to the stone church, completed by the Dominicans in 1801 (here from 1773 to1818), the Franciscans (1768-1773) built a large adobe church, added to the existing buildings by the Jesuits (1759-1767).

The steel awning dates to 2001, added to protect part of the adobe church ruins.
These bells are recent additions. The original two were removed/ stolen in the 1960s.
A photo of the original bells from the 1960s, taken by Erle Stanley Gardner.

Jesse Hansen, on top of the mission.
The four Toyota 4x4s that made up the Baja Extreme 2016 Tour: Tacoma, 4Runner, Land Cruiser, FJ Cruiser.

Standing next to their rides, left to right: Pat Malone, Christine Joy, Nicholas Helton, Marland Burke, Jesse Hansen, Jerri & her brother Ham Jam.

July 2009

David Kier & José Gerardo, July 2009


Jan. 2004


July 2003

Genaro, José Gerado, Brisa, Nonnih, and Ana Licia Gaxiola. Not in the photo are sons Angel Eduardo and José Jesus. Those are the five Gerardo Gaxiola children.
Nonnih, Genaro, and Brisa Gerardo Gaxiola, with Sarah Kier and Andee Swartwout in back.

Sarah and Andee
Brisa Gerardo Gaxiola and Sarah Kier
Theodoro and his dog that recently was bit by a rattlesnake.


Apr. 2002


Apr. 2001

José Gerardo in 2001

April 2001