The contents of about half the book have been shared, although it may look different in the final version when published. The book is a road guide, for the roads beyond the cities to help you find the fun places to camp or explore in Baja. It uses the kilometer markers on highways and odometer mileage on the dirt roads. All of the maps I made to accompany the road logs have been made public and are here on my website.

The book is in 6 sections, three in the northern state and three in Baja California Sur. All the major sideroads are included and few minor roads, as well. Parts 2, 3, and 4 were shared on the Baja Nomad Road Conditions forum:

Part 2: Mexicali to Laguna Chapala

Part 3: San Quintín to Guerrero Negro

Part 4: Guerrero Negro to San Ignacio

Again, these are the pre-publication versions and do not include the latest updates, such as the completed Hwy. 5 and new Coco’s Corner location. I hope you enjoy my way of describing roads and locations. Here is the link to all my road guide maps:

NEW May 25, 2022: 2021 updated, pre-publication guide PDF (below) >>>

The new guide uses the kilometer markers to reference points of interest and side roads.

The pre-publication version, (PDF). Do not copy or transmit as this is copyrighted material: 2021 Baja Bound Guide Norte

Baja Road Guide Sur, contact me for details.