[All photos below that are prior to 1973, are off the Internet and shown here purely for educational purposes.]

1926 Edward Davis

Edward Davis traveled the peninsula in 1926, often photographing the missions.

1950 Marquis McDonald [author of Baja: Land of Lost Missions]

The monument at the far end of the San Javier mission avenue, from the church.

Roof of church
View to the east from the canyon slope.

1952 Howard Gulick [co-author of Lower California Guidebook, (1956-1970 editions and printings), and Baja California Guidebook (1975 & 1980)]. I met Mr. Gulick in 1966 and am sure of how thrilled he would be knowing we can continue to admire his work, over 70 years later! See all editions at https://vivabaja.com/baja-books/2/

View south

View northwest towards the mission.

1955 Howard Gulick

Roof view to the southwest, down the arroyo.
San Javier street view, north, from the mission roof.

1956 Howard Gulick

1973 David Kier [author of 1973’s Baja and the Transpeninsular Highway, and in 2016: Baja California Land of Missions. Also, in 2012, co-authored The Old Missions of Baja & Alta California, 1697-1834, and the expanded 2020 edition: Old Missions of the Californias (with Max Kurillo).]

In 1973, my parents and I (along with a lady who joined us), drove the rugged road to the mission from Loreto. I am in the yellow shirt, 15 tears-old, next to my dad.
My mother, and the caretaker of Mission San Javier. The main entrance faces north.
The sunlit west side of the 1750s stone church.
The graveyard is on the eastern side, in the shade at this time.

1976 David Kier

In 1976, I return to San Javier, now at 18 and just graduated high school. Here is my mother, who joined my girlfriend and I, getting a special trip up to the roof of the mission by the kind old caretaker. Photo looking north.
My high school girlfriend, Lynne, posing like statuary in the distance. Photo facing south from the bell tower.

2001 Jack Swords


2009 David Kier

The north end of of the mission avenue.

This photo appears on page 34 of the book Baja California Land of Missions.

This photo appears in the preface of the book Baja California Land of Missions, page xii. The author (David Kier) is dwarfed by the massive, hand-built church.
My wife, Elizabeth, on our first anniversary vacation,
Interesting doorway decorations.

The dome, inside. See the 1976 photo of the the outside, on the roof.
Looking towards the entrance, from the altar end.

2017 David Kier

Compare to the 2009 photo here.

The west side still in shadow as it was morning when I arrived this trip. Also, it was winter (February). Other trips were al in the summer (July).
Mike Younghusband toured me to the back of the mission and beyond!
One of the mission’s pilas (reservoirs).
The famous olive tree, rumored to be over 300-years-old.
Very photogenic image of the missions from the trail, south.
Another nice image of the south or back side of Mission San Javier.
The jewel of the Baja California missions, San Javier is all original, Jesuit period construction (1744-1758). This 1699 mission was founded about five miles north (today’s Rancho Viejo) and relocated here about twenty years later where water was more reliable. This location was a mission farm, called San Pablo. The mission’s name did not change with the move, as sometimes is the case.