San Gregorio is an old ranch in central Baja California, 8.6 miles (14 kms.) southeast from San Borja. In the canyon are many fruit trees (including citrus and guava) that are watered from a natural spring. It is such a picturesque location, it made the cover of a popular 1980 guidebook. We appreciate ranch owner Rafael Galvan Villavicencio providing historical details and names. GPS: 28.6637, -113.6654

The first (4) photographs come from Howard Gulick, author of the Lower California Guidebook. The photos are dated August 31, 1960.

The cowboys, are Patricio Villavicencio Arce, Domingo Villavicencio Arce, Manuel Villavicencio Arce and Amado Villavicencio Lopez according to Rafael Galvan Villavicencio.

The 1962 map from Howard Gulick shows San Gregorio, southeast from San Borja.

The 1980 edition with Rancho San Gregorio on the cover (1960 photo).

The 2003 Baja California Almanac map of the area south from San Borja and includes San Gregorio, Santa Ana, and other ranchos. They are all part of the homeland of the Arce and Villavicencio families, and their descendants.

April 2001 photos from David Kier

Just like the adobe missions, the walls are built on large cut-stone blocks.
David Kier is feeling like an Arce, at home in Baja California!
Terraced planting fields near the ranch house.

Some things just like stay where they are. This truck was near the end of the road, about a kilometer from San Gregorio.
The camper truck is parked at the end of the road. A foot trail continues to the ranch, 1/2 kilometer away.

The newest road maps of Baja California come in the 2021 Benchmark Maps Atlas. Here is a close up of the San Borja and south region that includes San Gregorio. The El Camino Real (ECR) trails are included for the history buff and adventure seeker.

In 2013, Jay ‘Mountain Biker’ photographed the truck and wondered about its history.
The San Gregorio truck in 2022

A new Rancho San Gregorio was established just outside the little canyon containing the old ranch. GPS: 28.6701, -113.6652  It also was a new eco-lodge operated by the family of Rafael Galvan Villavicencio, named El Canto de la Tierra.   [Facebook page links]

The September 2022 Hurricane Kay did significant damage to the new ranch and the road was made nearly impassable. The family and friends have been working hard on getting things back to normal. 2023 Update: Hurricane Hilary poured down on Baja California and again washed away roads.

From their Facebook page, here is a 2022 look at the old ranch:

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