Coco’s Corner, Baja California

Original location (1987-2021) 29°31.01′, -114°17.46′(WGS 84)

Before Coco lost his leg, he ran the campground by Cielito Lindo, San Quintín. This photo is from a 1975 issue of the Mexico West newsletter:

1996 photo of ‘Mando’ (cut off), Coco, and Ivan. (photo from Mando)
Jimmy, Louie, Ivan and Coco in 1997 (photo from Mando)

A circa 1997 photo with Coco from Nancy Steward of Trail Boss Tours – Rip to the Tip.

July 2001: L to R: David Kier, Coco, Sarah Kier, David Eidell, Miguelito Humfreville.
2001 photo of Coco at his ‘Corner’ taken by Steve and Emma Cox, aka ‘Bedman’ on the Internet.

Photos by John Downes (‘rvrbm’).

An ‘oasis’ in the desert…

… where everyone is welcome…

… cold beer or soda to quench your thirst…

… and some great conversation with Sr. Coco! Located between Laguna Chapala and Gonzaga Bay, at the junction to Puerto Calamajué. Be sure to visit Coco and sign his guest book. On your next visit, see his cartoon drawing of your last visit.

Señor Coco enjoying his haircut from Barbara M! Photo by John M.

Coco with Elizabeth (signing his guest book), on Jan. 2, 2005.

A visit was made in July 2005

2006 (November)

Josh, Coco, Elizabeth
Roy and David get into the photo thanks to some bikers at Coco’s Corner.
Coco shows my entry from January 2005 and the one from this day… ‘got baja?’
Ceiling Decorations
It was good to see that Coco was doing well.

Sometime after this visit, Coco had his other leg amputated. It was giving him so much discomfort that he was begging the doctor to remove it.

2010 (July)

2012 (July)

Coco and Elizabeth Kier in July 2012. Coco was happy that his other leg was removed as it was very uncomfortable for him.

2015 (July)

We arrive at Coco’s Corner at 11:48 am and have a nice visit with Coco and enjoy cold Pacifico beer (he also sells Corona). Coco is a landmark here for over 20 years now. Diabetes has caused him to lose both legs, but he manages to get around and has an ATV and truck modified for him to drive. He is close to 80 now and is in high spirit. When I asked him about the new highway bypassing his corner, he expressed pleasure in not having the noise a highway would bring. Coco said the new road is 2.5 kilometers west (1.5 miles). We were on our way at 12:27 pm.


2016 (September)

A group of people in a store
Everyone in my 206 Baja Extreme Tour wanted to meet the famous Coco, at his Corner!
A picture containing person, man, sitting, holding
Coco makes a hook to hang a bottle of Channing Tatum’s Born & Bred Vodka, presented by Marland Burke. Marland is an actor and was in a film with Channing.

2017 (January)

Coco, a man who did not let his handicap keep him from creating a popular tourist spot on the old road. Coco has been at his corner since before the 1990s. The Baja 1000 often passes by with a checkpoint here.


In April, 2021, Coco’s Corner moves north 4 miles to be along the new highway, at Km. 179.5, south of Gonzaga Bay.

On March 30, 2022, my friends and I visit Coco at his new corner:

Adios to a Baja Legend

Aug. 30, 2022. Coco, who was 85 years old was found deceased at his home. Jorge Enrique Corral Sandez “Coco” Feb. 25, 1937 to Aug. 30, 2022

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