Baja California is the land of boulders, boojum trees, beautiful beaches, and historic missions.

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Going to San Juan de Dios, 2017.

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Steve Silver’s Baja California Photos
1860s Baja California Map
Airports of Baja California Map of 1967
Images of Baja travel in 1868 by J Ross Browne
Updated (2023) Kilometer list San Felipe to Puertecitos:
Gonzaga Bay Mission-era Warehouse Paper
The Jouneys of Harry Crosby, 57 minute film, should not be missed! See it here for a limited time.
Baja Photos Interactive Map, over 1,600 location photos!
Padre Ugarte’s Güéribo Grove of 1719; found

Before you leave home: Advice for border crossing and driving

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Land of Missions
My book, about the discovery, and Spanish missions of Baja California. Updated in 2021. Click on the cover for more details.
In addition to the 25 Spanish missions, two more were founded after Mexican independence, near San Miguel.

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This website was created in the year 2000. Twenty-two years later, it has been revised to better help you plan trips and discover more Baja California adventures! More content being added. Look for more modernizing changes in the near future. Until then, just scroll down to see and read about the fascinating peninsula that is full of history and adventure. Several links lead to much more and hundreds, no thousands of photos give you a look at some of Baja’s endless attractions…
El Coyote, a small bay in the larger Bahía Concepción, has been photographed because of its beauty for many decades.

Baja California is a thousand miles of fun! Beware, you may catch ‘Baja Fever’!

The 1972 Edition of Mike McMahan’s wall map was also featured on the back cover of his 1973 and 1983 books.    See the first edition (1967) McMahan wall map. See the all color 1967 edition.

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First time driving to Baja California, Mexico? Advice for border crossing and driving


One of the many great Dave Deal Baja cartoons. This was a bumper sticker from the mid-1970s sold by Arnold Senterfitt, author of Airports of Baja California. Deal’s art was the inspiration and source for the Pixar film, Cars.

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Slow Baja

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2019 Cameron Steele’s Trail of Missions Tour reconnaissance trip (7 to 10 min. episodes, with David): 

Our epic 2010 trip to Mission Santa María on video, from HB Murphy & Zoom.
Three Tacomas, one 4Runner, one Dakota, and a 4×4 motorhome!

The trip photos:

These two short videos (~1 min each) were produced by Robert Marcos to help me share my passion for Baja California and my book, Baja California Land of Missions



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“Let me draw you a map!” A cartoon of David Kier guiding folks to the missions, by Jerry Meloche in Bernie Swaim’s 2004 book, ‘Bouncing Around Baja’.

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Lost Mission Ruins?: Found! 1966 & 2009                                                                    


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Boojum trees (Cirios) are endemic to Baja California’s central desert and a small area across the gulf. These two appear to be dancing along the road south of Calamajué.

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Mission Santa María, March 30, 2022.

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2014 CBS Sports Network, Trail of Missions
2019 Travel Channel, America Unearthed with Scott Wolter
2019 Trail of Mission Recon (a 5-part YouTube series)
2020 Feature Film, The Devil’s Road
2021 Amazon Prime TV, Mysteries of the Southwest, The Last Mission

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