Guadalupe Canyon Entrance 11-05

In November, 2005, we followed Steve and Val to Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs. After doing some soaking, we explored the area outside of the canyon entrance…

Oct. 2017: Baja Bound Road Guide Research Trip #7

Tijuana to San Quintín sites and the San Pedro Mártir mountain drive. What was supposed to be a 7 day, final trip, to collect data on the remaining areas of Baja of interest for the road guide and map project… turned out to be a 6 day trip and missed doing Hwy. 3 from Ensenada […]

Jack Swords Photos of the Missions of Baja California

Jack Swords, a certified INAH registered photographer, traveled to the mission sites to preserve them on film between 2000 and 2004. Twenty years later, we can compare the recent past with what can be seen today. These photos are all copyright protected ©. No reproduction without permission. LORETO in 2001 (founded in 1697, construction dates […]

Aug. 2017: Baja Bound Road Guide Research Trip #6

Southernmost Baja (14 days/ 3,000 miles) DAYS: 1) San Diego North County to Shell Island (south of San Felipe), 298 miles (via Mexicali). 2) Shell Island to El Datil south, 396 miles. 3) El Dátil south to Lopez Mateos, 229 miles (via La Purisima & Comondú). 4) López Mateos to Dolores Overview, 201 miles (via […]

June 2017: Baja Bound Road Guide Research Trip #5

TRIP #5: Day 1 San Diego-Mission San Fernando, about 40 miles beyond El Rosario. Day 2 San Fernando to near El Barril. Day 3 El Barril to San Ignacio (via Mission Santa Gertrudis & San Francisco de la Sierra) Day 4 San Ignacio to Bahía Asunción. Day 5 Bahía Asunción to Bahía Tortugas + and […]

Apr. 2017: Baja Bound Road Guide Research Trip #4

TRIP #4 goal is to explore the remote Pacific Coast of Baja California between El Rosario and Guerrero Negro. On the way south, I will also be checking Highway 3 from Highway 5 to Valle de la Trinidad and continue from there on the dirt road to Highway 1, near San Vicente. DAY 1 Wed. […]

Baja Books

Books about Baja California take us there through the travels and research of others. Much can be said about these books and their authors. For now, I will simply show their covers and give the year of publishing. Categories of books will be: Travel Stories; Guides; History; Ocean Activities (Fishing/Boating/Whales) & Others (Cook books, Photo/ […]

Mar. 2017: Baja Bound Road Guide Research Trip #3

2017 Baja Expeditions: Project Outline To bring everyone up-to-speed: In 2017, I have begun to retravel roads from my past and travel roads I have not yet been on. Here are the regions of info gathering done to date: Trip 1, New Years 2017: San Felipe to Punta San Francisquito Trip 2, Feb. 2017: San […]

Feb. 2017: Baja Bound Road Guide Research Trip #2

An incredible trip of ten days that included great weather (a bit cold at night), great Baja Nomads (Internet amigos), some I met for the first time, and great but rough dirt roads. I went to many missions and visita sites. Here is a list of them: San Ignacio, Mulegé, San Juan Londó, Loreto, Ligüí, […]

Memorial Day 2017 to Shell Island

Memorial Day 2017: A Baja Beach Family Camp Trip Hello Amigos, Our 3-year-old grandson was ready for his first Baja trip and camping weekend. His parents have been to Shell Island multiple times before his birth and were ready for him to experience the beauty and wonder that this barrier island beach has to offer. […]

Baja Bound Road Guide in 2022

The contents of about half the book have been shared, although it may look different in the final version when published. The book is a road guide, for the roads beyond the cities to help you find the fun places to camp or explore in Baja. It uses the kilometer markers on highways and odometer […]

Pole Line Road 2015

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, there was genuine fear that the Japanese would strike California next. In those years, Baja California was sparsely populated and void of modern roads or communication. There was an actual fear that the Japanese could have secret airfields and submarine bases in Baja California, and Mexico would not have […]

Cliff Cross Maps

The 1970 & 1972 Cliff Cross maps found in his 1970-1973 guidebooks: For the 1974 edition, the new Baja Highway was drawn in over the earlier maps, but not completely accurate. The covers of 5 editions of this very popular book follow these 50+ maps. To zoom in close, press Ctrl (Control) and + (or […]

Trail of Missions #1 (+Helicopter over Baja)

On Monday night, 10 pm I get a text message from Cameron Steele asking if I would like to ride a helicopter to Baja and back, to spend Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday with about 50 off road racing greats and their families so I can talk a little about the missions during this televised tour […]

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