Graham Mackintosh and David Kier. I met Graham in 1990, while attending one of his famous slide-show lectures that followed his amazing walk around the peninsula and publishing ‘Into a Desert Place’. We have maintained contact ever since. Photo from Edie, The Mission Walker.


Dave Wilcher and David Kier. Dave is my newest Baja amigo and has amazing stories to tell of ‘Mag 7’ pit teams, surfing, and more. Dave was kind enough to take me along to the Expo as he lives just north of me. Photo from Edie, The Mission Walker. 
Edie Littlefield-Sundby (The Mission Walker) and David Kier (Baja California Land of Missions). Photo from Dave Wilcher.
Mike Emery, ‘Mr. Slow Baja Podcasts’ in the jungle hat.
An impressive Overlander! ‘How to be an Overlander’: Here’s a funny explanation 
Despite the forecast for light rain… It was a beautiful day… Viva San Diego!
Graham Mackintosh, who walked 3,000 miles around the coast of Baja California and then 1,000 miles down the middle of Baja, plus other amazing adventures!
Luis Borella of Benchmark Maps
Greg Niemann, Graham Mackintosh, David Kier, Edie Littlefield-Sundby

Benchmark Map’s Luis Borella. Photo from Mike Emery
Graham Mackintosh and Mike Emery of Slow Baja. Photo from Mike Emery.
Greg Niemann (Baja Fever, Baja Legends), Graham Mackintosh (Into a Desert Place, Journey with a Baja Burro, Nearer by Dog to Thee, Marooned with Very Little Beer), David Kier (The Old Missions of Baja & Alta California, Baja California Land of Missions, Baja Bound Road Guide). Photo by Mike Emery ‘Slow Baja’

17 year ago...

David Kier, Greg Niemann, Graham Mackintosh at the 2006 Pyramid Resort Book Signing Event.

Greg had big news to share!

Sitting next to me was Jens Tobias, author of a new book that is full of amazing details for the Baja explorer that lives in many of us. Order you own copy: