108 Baja Bound Travel Adventure Stories, by David Kier

Map of most story locations

 Personal stories:

Catching the Baja Bug

A Passion for Baja Maps

The Books That Brought Us to Baja, Part 1

The Books That Brought Us to Baja, Part 2

Spring Break 1974

Returning to Mission Santa María

1967 Baja Trip to Bahía de los Ángeles

Driving to Cabo in 1966

TV’s ‘America Unearthed’ Goes to Baja

The Old Baja Road

Hovering Over Baja

Beyond San Felipe – Half a Century Ago

Beyond San Felipe – Part Two

The Lost Mission Of Santa Isabel

 Location stories (for mission sites, see below):

The Albertino Barite Mine, Near Camalu

The Grandpas of San Jacinto

Where the Pavement Ends

Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs

The Sky Ranches of Baja California

Directions to the Missions: Part 1

Directions to the Missions: Part 2

The Sulfur Mines of Baja California

Petroglyphs, Pictographs, and Geoglyphs

The Visita de San Pablo

The Painted Cave of San Borjitas

Laguna Hanson: A Baja Pine Forest

An Amazing Structure at San Ignacio, La Muralla

The Case for a Lost Jesuit Mission

A Surprise Desert Campground Near El Rosario

Backcountry Baja: The San Borja Loop

A Desert Railroad

The Highway to Bahía Tortugas and Beyond

The Distant Pacific

San Felipe’s Valle Chico and Canyons

A Baja Sur Mission Adventure

Sierra San Pedro Mártir

Baja’s Pronghorn Reserve Visitor Center

Agua Dulce In 2017

Agua Dulce

Bahía Asunción

Driving The Mission Loop

Montevideo Rock Art

The Other Side of Bahía Concepción

Las Arrastras de Arriola

Pozo Alemán

Cuestas Of El Camino Real

Exploring La Gringa And El Toro

The Lost Missions Of Baja

Matomí Falls

La Magdalena Revisited

Finding Petroglyph Park

Real de Santa Ana

Las Flores Ghost Town

Finding Fossils In Baja

The Painted Cave Of El Carmen

The Tropical Beach At San Pedrito

La Lobera

The Bat Cave Of Santiago

Mystery At Las Animas

The Mysterious Magdalena Ruins

The Petrified Forest Of El Rosario

Guerrero Negro: What’s in a Name?

The Eiffel Church Of Santa Rosalia

The Onyx Of El Mármol

El Berrendo Canyon: Baja’s Blue Palm Canyon

El Rosario Petroglyphs

 Event stories:

World War II in Baja California

Pirates in Baja California

A Tale of Two Railroads

California: Island or Peninsula

When Chile Invaded Baja

The U.S. Occupation of Baja California – 1846-1848

 People stories:

Eliodoro Arce

The Pearl King’s Buried Treasure

Valladares, a Person and a Place

Meeting ‘Mama’ Espinoza

Remembering Luis of Nuevo Mazatlán

Choral Pepper

Searching For Melchior Diaz

Jesus Flores and His Gold Mine

The Missions and Missionaries of Baja California:

The 1684 Atondo-Kino Expedition Route

Fernando Consag, the Jesuit Explorer

The Controversial Padre: Félix Caballero

El Camino Real Of Baja

The Spanish Missions Of Baja

The Mystery At El Descanso

The Rich History Of Guadalupe Valley

Mission San Francisco Javier

Mission San Borja

A Sandy Beach And The Vanished Mission Of Ligüí

Exploring Calamajué

Mission Santa María

Loreto Mission History

The Mystery At El Descanso

Comondú Viejo – Nearly A Lost Mission

El Triunfo de la Cruz and Mission Guadalupe

The Disappearing Missions at Santo Tomás

Mission Santa Catalina

El Rosario: The First Dominican Mission in Baja California

The Mission Name Game

San Bruno: The Oldest Spanish Ruins in All of California

Why Mission La Paz is in Todos Santos

The Vanishing Mission of La Purísima

Santa Gertrudis Beginnings

San Vicente Beginnings

Santiago Beginnings

Mission Santa Rosalía de Mulegé

San Ignacio Beginnings