Baja Weekend of November 2002

Here is a repost, with edits, of a 5 part trip report covering Agua Dulce, San Juan de Dios and almost to Sal Si Puedes Canyon! Baja Weekend Part 1: Do you know the way… to Agua Dulce? This was a rare trip for me, as I almost always have a friend or a child […]

Roamlndr Creative 2WD Van Episodes

Alex and Megan of Canada have produced some outstanding YouTube videos of their 2024 Baja California travels in a 2WD van/motorhome. Alex has not let the absence of 4WD prevent them from going places that most would think impossible without ‘double-traction’. This webpage is my creation to help the VivaBaja reader find these Baja California […]

The Atondo-Kino 1684 Route, by David Kier

Plotting the Atondo-Kino 1684 Expedition (San Bruno to the Pacific) on Satellite imagery, using Admiral Atondo’s diary published by Dawson Book Shop in 1969 as First from the Gulf to the Pacific (#16 of the Baja California Travels Series of 51 volumes), translated by W. Michael Mathes.  The 1960 Ronald L. Ives drawn route map: […]

World War 2 in Baja California

Interest in this period of history comes from our exploring the Pole Line Road, northwest of San Felipe: Here are some details off the Internet, with links to read more: 1) From History of San Diego by Richard Pourade While United States Cavalry patrolled the border and guarded nearby reservoirs, concern arose over the […]

Baja Travel Adventures

108 Baja Bound Travel Adventure Stories, by David Kier Map of most story locations  Personal stories: Catching the Baja Bug A Passion for Baja Maps The Books That Brought Us to Baja, Part 1 The Books That Brought Us to Baja, Part 2 Spring Break 1974 Returning to Mission Santa María 1967 Baja Trip to […]

Matomí Canyon (1979-2017)

The Matomí Canyon Waterfalls was a point of interest first told to my family by Arnold Limón of San Felipe around 1967. Arnold was the owner of Arnold’s Del Mar Café, where we would stop for a meal on our way to or from points south. He described an exotic waterfall that filled a giant […]

Bahía Concepción in photos (1976-2019)

  These are photographs from my many trip web pages showing Bahía Concepción locations. If I find any more, especially from my trips here of 1966, 1973 and 1974, they will be added. 1976 1985 2001 2007 2009 Playa Buenaventura (Km. 93+) Playa La Perla (Km. 91 & 92 access roads) 2012 Playa La Perla […]

San Javier in photos (1926-2017)

[All photos below that are prior to 1973, are off the Internet and shown here purely for educational purposes.] 1926 Edward Davis 1950 Marquis McDonald [author of Baja: Land of Lost Missions] 1952 Howard Gulick [co-author of Lower California Guidebook, (1956-1970 editions and printings), and Baja California Guidebook (1975 & 1980)]. I met Mr. Gulick in […]

The Gold of Northern Baja, prospecting on YouTube

Author and host of several YouTube tutorials on finding bits of gold in the mountains and desert of Baja California. Jens talks about his camping spots and describes plants and geology as he shows us how to find (and pan for) the gold. Come along with this humorous prospector and maybe bring a shovel and […]

California and Baja California, a tutorial

This peninsula was the first place called ‘California’ and thus the body of water on its east coast is the Gulf of California/ Golfo de California (but also known as the Sea of Cortez/ Mar de Cortés). When the Spanish missions expanded north of the peninsula (in 1769+), this northern region was called Nueva (New) […]

Las Pintas 2000-2016 (fossil and petroglyph grotto)

July 24, 2000: The Road to Las Pintas Las Pintas July 1, 2001 Sept. 17, 2005 On Sept. 17, 2005, Elizabeth (my girlfriend of nine months) and I traveled from El Rosario’s Baja Cactus Motel to the Las Pintas petroglyph and fossil grotto. Travel directions follow the photos. DIRECTIONS (in 2005) Highway 1, southward from […]

La Lobera (2005-2016)

May 2005 October 2005 April 2006 Just 3 miles west of Hwy. 1 (between Km. 47 and 48) is the dramatic coast and future sea food restaurant! July 2006 November 2006 July 4, 2011 It is 6 miles north (of El Rosario) on Hwy. 1 to the La Lobera road, between Km. 47 and 48. […]

Edits to 2023/2024 Benchmark Atlas

After a quick glance and a look at my email exchanges, here is what I could see that is new for 2023 over 2021. Note: there may be others and feel free to let me know what you discover. San Felipe Municipality added on multiple pages. Page 29: Puerto Nuevo [lobster village] (added) Page 35: […]

2023 Baja Expo

    17 year ago… Greg had big news to share! Sitting next to me was Jens Tobias, author of a new book that is full of amazing details for the Baja explorer that lives in many of us. Order you own copy: