El Camino Real Highway Crossings

The El Camino Real between Loreto and El Rosario has been accurately located by the team of Kevin Branscum  and Genevieve Mattar following twenty years of intense backpacking on the mission road. They have followed the research made by Harry Crosby published in the 1970s and Howard Gulick in the 1950s in hopes to create […]

Baja California History Groups on Facebook

Some Facebook pages that include Baja California history: ———————————————————————————————————— Baja California Land of Missions Book Group CONOCIENDO LAS CALIFORNIAS (Fotografias de la Baja California Antigua) Historia de La Península de Baja California HISTORIA CALIFORNIA PENINSULAR Javier Cota M. CALIFORNIAS SIN FRONTERAS Historias y Remembranzas de Baja California Sur Tumbas y Panteones de Baja California EL […]

Native Californian Place Names

These interesting maps, shown here for educational purposes, come from the Anthropology of Baja California web site of Don Laylander (www.sandiegoarchaeology.org): Native language groups: Maps from South to North:            

Mission Santa María 2022

March 28-31, 2022, 8 amigos in 4 vehicles tackled the road to Mission Santa María, also known as “Mission Impossible”. We also visit the grandpa’s home at Ejido Mesa de San Jacinto; El Rosario’s Baja Cactus Motel and Mama Espinoza’s Restaurant; Cataviña; Coco’s Corner; and Rudy’s home south of San Felipe. Mission Santa María de […]

Pat’s YouTube videos taken on the Baja Extreme 2016 tour

In September 2016, 4 well prepared 4×4 Toyotas set out to experience The Baja Extreme tour. My passenger (Pat Malone) made the following 7 videos during the 11 day tour: Here are ALL 7 videos from Pat of our tour: #1: San Felipe-San Borja: (6:14 min) #2: San Borja-Mulegé: (8:19 min) #3: Punta Concepción: (4:52 […]

Desert Magazine Baja California Articles 1939-1993

Preserved collection of the original DESERT MAGAZINES online, and FREE to view. 1937-1985 To read the old Desert Magazines: http://swdeserts.com/archive%20master%2037%2085.htm Another source to see all of the Desert Magazines: https://archive.org/details/desertmagazine 1993 American Desert magazine with Baja articles: HERE >>> Click on the year, the issue, and use your mouse to flip pages by clicking on […]

Roy, the Squarecircle

This page is a collection of photos from 2005-2012 showing Roy or photos taken by our friend, Roy ‘The Square-circle’ Hall April 2005: Off Road Day Trip, Hwy. 3 to Hwy. 1 at Cantamar April 2005: Pyramid Resort Book Signing July 2005: Baja-Rosario Cultural Festival Nov. 2005: Erle Stanley Gardner museum show, Temecula, CA. May […]

Feb. 2019: TV’s America Unearthed goes to Baja

What a rush! Not just that it was exciting… but that it was go-go-go, too! A friend (John Grasson) who writes about desert history and mysteries was contacted to help make part of a TV show episode about one of his interests. John knew I had some photos of a place in Baja related to […]

Aug. 2018: Baja Bound Road Guide Research Trip #8

Highway 3, Tecate to Ensenada to Highway 5 then south to San Felipe and on to Laguna Chapala. Sierra Juárez road to Laguna Hanson and on to Highway 2. This has been a long time coming, to get the final Baja Bound research trip done, but Baja wins in the end! What I mean is, […]

2011-2014 Baja Trip Albums

April 2011: Lost Mission Expedition, Arroyo el Volcán May 2011: Shell Island, with Kristi, Josh & Jonna  July 2011: Shell Island, Gonzaga Bay, El Rosario, with Kristi Jan. 2012: Shell Island, Fossil Beds, Arroyo Grande July 2012: 15 Fabulous Days in Baja, to the tip and back! Sept. 2012: Tecate; meeting the governor of Baja […]

Guadalupe Canyon Entrance 11-05

In November, 2005, we followed Steve and Val to Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs. After doing some soaking, we explored the area outside of the canyon entrance…

Oct. 2017: Baja Bound Road Guide Research Trip #7

Tijuana to San Quintín sites and the San Pedro Mártir mountain drive. What was supposed to be a 7 day, final trip, to collect data on the remaining areas of Baja of interest for the road guide and map project… turned out to be a 6 day trip and missed doing Hwy. 3 from Ensenada […]

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