Messages about Eliodoro

Family of Eliodoro Arce, messsages to David Kier Messages sent to me about Eliodoro Arce and his family, from member of his family. Spanish was translated with Google and edited for clarity. [The first time a family member is named by each person below, the name will be in bold. The family member’s name below […]

Eliodoro Arce

Don Eliodoro Arce was a friendly, old gold prospector. He lived near the abandoned 1930’s mine of El Desengaño, along the old road to Bahía de los Angeles. Eliodoro was born in 1912 and passed away at age 87, in the year 2000. He died at the home of relatives in Nuevo Rosarito. His kindness […]

The Bill Nichols’ Rock Trail

The Rock Trail 9/2005 by Kevin Ward (Baja Racer and Dust to Glory producer)  It was a perfect late October morning in Alfonsina’s. I woke up early enough to watch one of those epic sunrises, just a murmuring of activity, and listened to the lapping of the water on the sand. We got Antonio and […]

San Bruno 1683-1685

Plano de la fortificación del Real de San Bruno en Californias    Date of creation: March 26, 1685 by Eusebio Francisco Kino (1645-1711) [Facing west/north is to the right] Notes (translated): The Real de San Bruno was founded in 1683 by Admiral Isidro de Atondo y Antillón and the Jesuit father Eusebio Francisco Kino and […]

Emerson Hikes El Camino Real towards Santa María

My Quest for the Santa Maria Mission This is a story about a quest to reach the Santa María Mission in the Cataviña area in Baja, from Day 1, I knew the standard way to get there, but hey! Why not try alternate ways, right? I started studying google earth in detail, and with the […]

1947 Auto Club Trip Report

AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TOURING BUREAU SPECIAL BULLETIN No 214 Date December 11, 1947 LOWER CALIFORNIA The following information has been received from our member, Mrs. Don Waters of Anaheim, California who recently made this trip and has kindly granted us permission to reproduce her account of it. WHILE WE DO NOT HAVE A […]

Steve Silver’s BAJA

A look at Baja’s plants, animals, and human creations, through Steve’s camera. 7 additional photos added 2/18/2023! Who is Steve Silver and what brought him to Baja California? See Steve’s biography at the bottom of the page, following his photos. Plants Landscapes Humans and what they make: Animals & Critters (4 new added) Biography………. *** […]

Advice on Driving into Baja California, Mexico

Plenty of information about this is on the Internet, some of that may even be correct! Let me calm your nerves if this is your first trip to Baja, by automobile… It is pretty easy to deal with the formalities. You are allowed to bring anything you use for traveling and camping. Bringing fresh camping […]

Automobile Club of Southern California Maps of Baja California

Missing some Auto Club Maps, can you help?: 1970, 1976, 1977, 1981, 1986, 1993, 1999.  Plus, any editions missing from this list. Such as any from 1935 to 1954; Please email if you can help 1927 Auto Club Maps (San Diego to the San Quintín area) 1930 Auto Club of Southern California Baja California Map 1934 Auto Club of Southern […]

The Canyons of San Pedro Mártir to Valle Chico

Thanks go to Bud Bernhard, ‘PaulW’, ‘geoffff’, and others for their research compiling these lists and maps: Bud Bernhard’s 1962 Canyon notes: Clik for max-size Bud Bernhard’s 1962 canyon notes on the Howard Gulick map (Lower Califronia Guidebook): 1962 Canyon Map & Notes  PaulW’s Canyon list: Geoff’s canyon list and map: Canoas Burros Esperanza: INEGI has […]