Alex and Megan of Canada have produced some outstanding YouTube videos of their 2024 Baja California travels in a 2WD van/motorhome. Alex has not let the absence of 4WD prevent them from going places that most would think impossible without ‘double-traction’.

This webpage is my creation to help the VivaBaja reader find these Baja California episodes quickly. The location names are from me, but I could be mistaken! Alex generally doesn’t say where they are.

Their Facebook page contains many photos and short video clips not found in the YouTube shows, below. So, do check it out: 

Here is their YouTube page:

The YouTube episodes covering Baja begin in Arizona with Alex sharing the details of the van:

Jan. 27, 2024: The 2WD Van

Feb. 3: Our mutually favorite beach, that I named Shell Island.

Feb. 10: North and south of Guerrero Negro, Punta Chivato, & Mulegé:

Feb. 17: San Basilio-Loreto-Puerto Agua Verde

Feb. 24: Cd. Constitución-Misión San Luis Gonzaga-South of San Evaristo beaches.

Mar. 2: How to 2WD in Sand.

Mar. 9: Los Barriles and north on rugged coast/cliff road.

Mar. 16: Driving the Baja 1000 course north from La Paz and Magdalena Bay.

Mar. 23: Touring the van.

Mar. 30: San Ignacio-Punta Abreojos-Bahía Asunción-Bahía Tortugas-Punta Eugenia

Apr. 4: Podcast with Megan & Alex about their travels

Apr. 6: Cardón & Boojum-tree desert, Gonzaga Bay, San Felipe, Algodones Border.

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Thank you, David Kier