San Pedro Mártir de Verona 1794-1811

San Pedro Martir is the most remote and difficult to reach mission on the peninsula. At 5,080 feet above sea level, reaching the mission requires 2 days of backpacking, from the nearest road. In 2004, Jack Swords and other Baja enthusiasts reached the mission, with guides from the Meling Ranch. GPS: 30°47'24.3" 115°28'20.9"

Originally founded 7 miles north at La Grulla meadow, at an elevation of 6,800 feet. The mission was moved here after just 3 months because of the cold. Photo by Jack Swords (copyright)

Stone walls and foundation stones remain along with some scattered tile chips to show the mission site. Photo by Jack Swords (copyright)

Had it not been for a fire some weeks before these photos were taken, much of these ruins would be hidden from view. Photo by Jack Swords (copyright)

2004 photo by Jack Swords (copyright)

1955 photo by Howard Gulick at nearly the same spot as the 2004 photo, above.

1926 mission plan by Peveril Meigs

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