El Descanso (San Miguel Nuevo) 1810-1834

2003 photo by Jack Swords (copyright) at the newly uncovered mission tile foor. Now protected by an awning, the ruins are next to the modern church, just east of the Ensenada toll highway. GPS: 32°12'19.6" 116°54'19.2"

Dominican mission records are lacking, and historians believe Descanso may have been only a new location for the mission of San Miguel, devastated by floods in 1809. The Descanso mission site was first located near the fort, on the south bank of the arroyo. In 1830, the final site was built.

Photo by Jack Swords (copyright)

Descanso Fort (and original mission location)

Ruins on the south bank of the Descanso valley where Peveril Meigs identifies a fort, in his 1927 photograph. Photo by Jack Swords (copyright) GPS: 32°11'59.4" 116°54'30.0"

1927 photo by Peveril Meigs of Descanso and the fort location to the south is indicated (the original 1810 mission site).

1927 mission plan by Meigs of the 1830 site for Descanso.

1949 photo of Descanso by Marquis McDonald

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