On a Saturday afternoon in Oceanside, California, 105 + amigos met at El Charrito Restaurant to celebrate their love for Baja California. Many have posted travel stories on the Amigos de Baja discussion board, some have Baja web sites, several were members of ‘Desert Explorers’ (Neal’s army). Quite a few are authors of Baja books, and some have a business based in Baja or Baja travel. I am very happy to host this great get-together. The following photos are from Baja Mur, Norm and Bedman, muchas gracias amigos! tu amigo, David Kier ( http://vivabaja.com/)

Mary Ann Humfreville was everyone’s first checkpoint at Viva Baja for sign in, and 105 name tags (provided by Amo Pescar).Thanks Mary Ann for an outstanding job!!!

Marian Johns shows Baja Mur where to find Neal!

Neal Johns and his broken leg arrive at Viva Baja!

Barbara Marnell just saw Neal in his camper, but shows no sympathy!

Lynn Burleson, John Marnell and Bob Burleson are explorers of the U.S. and Mexican deserts. http://www.desertexplorers.org/

Steve (‘Bedman’) and ‘David A’

Lance ‘Lorenzo’ Mueller provided the LCD projector so everyone could enjoy the videos on the big screen. Lance has also provided the new Baja Fun Board (no ads) site, at DavidKsBaja.com.

Greg Niemann showing us his great new book, ‘Baja Legends’. I am honored to be mentioned in Greg’s fine work! http://www.bajafever.com/

Mindy ‘jeans’ was excited to get the ball rolling on her Santiago Zoo assistance program. Mindy had just returned from meeting with the zoo’s vet, and raised $377 at Viva Baja to get things started!

David Kier (‘David K’) and Mary Ann Humfreville. The enthusiasm of everyone attending was great. Over 100 people sharing a deep love of Baja California, all in one place!

Mike Humfreville, author of dozens of Baja stories posted on Amigos de Baja. His manuscript is ready for publication!

Tom ‘El Jefe’ enjoying a day off from the Vista Fire Department (El Jefe in English is ‘The Chief’)

Neal & Marian Johns… a broken leg could not keep Neal from attending Viva Baja. Winning a Mike McMahan Baja wall map was good medicine!

Matt ‘El Gato Loco’ missed the last Viva Baja, but he wasn’t about to miss this one!

Tim ‘Desert Bull’, and ‘Fishin Rich’ who probably is violating his doctor’s orders to attend Viva Baja, following back surgery!

‘David K’

I wish I had several more hours to meet and talk with all my guests! To my right is Zac ‘Bajaboy’.

Mike ‘El Camote’ the video master behind the Matomi, BBBB1, and Great Lost Mission Hunt movies!

‘David A’ and Yvonne who enjoy camping and Jeeping in Baja, from San Bernardino.

Capt. Mike and Janeen flew in from Arizona on ‘Screaming Airlines’ . They also brought two passengers:

Sharon and Chris ‘Baja Taco’, flew into Oceanside with Capt. Mike and Janeen, from Arizona! See their Baja photos: http://www.bajataco.com/Baja/bajamap.html

Graham Mackintosh and Michelle ‘M’. Graham gave us a preview of his third Baja book and M was the door prize coordinator at Viva Baja. Besides his books, Graham has other stories at: http://www.grahammackintosh.com/ M’s ‘El Tomatal Mystery’ photos are at vivabaja.com/et

Baja Mur was the first Internet Baja amigo I met. He came to my door on May 1, 1999, at 3 am… By 3 pm we were at Mission Santa Maria!

Cary ‘Seatwill’ was one of the first to arrive. He recently vacationed in Fiji, and took a Viva Baja sticker there! See his military checkpoint photo on http://VivaBaja.com/checkpoints.html

Judy Lang showing us her ‘Viva Baja smile’! Dik and Judy have attended M’s two BBBB* parties, as well. (*Boojum Buddies Baja Bash)

Kris ‘BajaHwy’ brought the movie, ‘1000 Miles to Glory’, to show us!

Capt. Mike loves flying in Baja. He will accommodate almost any Baja aerial request!

Maalaea and her mom, Sally ‘Msal’ Reed. Mike Supino is behind Sally. It was great meeting so many new amigos!

Wendy ‘Mermelada’ with a tequila door prize donated by Mike Supino.

Baja Mur (shown) captures Bedman…

Bedman (shown) captures Baja Mur!

Wild Bill arrives! Thanks Wild Bill for suggesting El Charrito Restaurant to accommodate this group .

From Cabo San Lucas, Antonio and Heather… welcome!

Heather with the David Eidell donated prize, Gene Kira’s ‘Unforgettable Sea of Cortez’.

Ann O’Neil, the author of ‘Loreto, Baja California, First Mission and Capital of Spanish California’ joined us today. Thanks Ann, the book looks fantastic!

Keith Rolle (Baja California Language College, chats with Jens ‘El Aleman’ (baja-web.com).

Mindy (‘jeans’) chats with web site host Dick Van Bree ( http://www.bajalinks.com/).

Annie and Brian Smith enjoying the amigo atmosphere! Brian plans to backpack down the peninsula on the El Camino Real…AWESOME!

Rose Assistio and Ross White (chicagoross). Thanks for coming!

Carlos Fiesta and Maalaea Garcia

Graham Mackintosh speaks about his third Baja book he is now writing, about the recent adventure in the Sierra San Pedro Mártir. Photos at http://www.grahammackintosh.com/

Shirley (Desert Bull’s ‘Princess’) examines some of the photo albums and books brought to Viva Baja.

Tom ‘El Jefe’ and Paula were happy to be surrounded by fellow Baja loving amigos!

Mike Overcast ( http://www.bajasafari.com/) and son Alex.

Larry Hahn and Graham Mackintosh. Larry flew all the way from El Paso to Oceanside for Viva Baja-3. That makes Larry the distance champion!

Here’s Brandi, one serious Gonzaga Lover!

Nichole and Sarah K sure know how to dress at Viva Baja! Nichole’s whale watching article is at www.bajanomad.com/columnists/nlarrabee/

Here, Michelle is handing out one of the many door prizes. Sarah and Nichole called out the numbers.

Baja Mur displays his customized hat!

Mike Supino, Brandi, Capt. Mike, Mike Humfreville, Diklang, & Jens (El Aleman).

Mermelada and El Camote with one of Ann Hazard’s books, ‘Cartwheels in the Sand’.

Bedman’s wife Emma, and daughter Colleen.

Tillie Foster of the Hotel San Nicolas in Ensenada is inviting the group to a future event.

LN (with Wild Bill) won the Viva Baja grand prize: a night in the honeymoon suite (with in room jacuzzi) at the Hotel San Nicolas, Ensenada! Thanks to Tillie Foster and the San Nicolas Hotel.

Carlos Fiesta and Rene Dominguez enjoying the Shrimp Fajitas and Sonora Chicken buffet.

Carlos Fiesta ( http://www.bajaexpo.com/) told us about his recent panga around Baja adventure.

Terry Hauswirth and Cooking with Baja Magic author Ann Hazard

David ‘BHL’ and Michelle ‘M’, the king and queen of the BBBB parties in Baja!

Kris Nelson and Graham Mackintosh. Graham and I first met Kris at a dinner party hosted by Choral Pepper. He shares our common interest in exploring Baja’s history.

Judy and Dik Lang never miss an opportunity to party with fellow Baja amigos!

Marvin Patchen, talks about his book ‘Baja Adventures by Land, Air & Sea‘ (David K holding). Plus, Marvin has a new book project.

Keith Rolle of Ensenada’s Baja California Language College. http://www.bajacal.com/

My daughter (Sarah) accepting her door prize, the CD of music used in El Camote’s Baja videos.

Alejandra & Tom (‘Minnow’) Stafford drove from Las Vegas. Tom provided enough fish filets to feed the entire Viva Baja Van gang, last year. Mike Humfreville cooked them up in L.A. Bay at Herman’s July 4th party.

Doug Means, the Baja Nomad. Doug offers a great Baja info web site and a free travel club http://www.bajanomad.com/

Gail Sherrill of the beautiful Baja 2002 Calendars. Gail brought us a great film of her other half (Marv) school field trip to Bahia Las Animas. Calendar sales help the field trip.

Pat & Dan (‘Lizard Lips’) McIntosh enjoying the festivities at Viva Baja.

Tracy Dixon, Bajaboy’s companion, won a Mike McMahan map donated by Chuck Potter of Baja Source. Hey Zac, bring Tracy to Baja next trip!

Chuck Potter of Baja Source, Inc. Chuck is both a Baja book publisher and peninsula distributor. Baja Source also produces the Mike McMahan wall maps and Baja Space Poster.

Bob Burleson had to watch his prize before leaving as it was our last film, ‘1000 Miles to Glory’.

Etta (‘Rockeeroad’), & Brandi, of the ‘Gonzaga Luvers’ gang.

Mike and Ginny Supino at Viva Baja. A week later, they will be in San Felipe for the Score 250 race.

Tillie Foster (Hotel San Nicolas) and Norm ( http://www.bajalinks.com/)

Carol Kramer of Discover Baja Travel Club ( http://www.discoverbaja.com/).

Amigas de Baja!

Kristi LeBlanc, Baja Barb, & Wendy (Mermelada)

Talking ‘Baja’!

Carol Kramer (Discover Baja) chats with another guest.

Nichole (BajaNomad.com) won the book, ‘Lost Cabos’ .

Harry Lewellyn attended Viva Baja, here is his awesome book.


Cary (‘Seatwill’) brings a Viva Baja sticker to the Southern Hemisphere on a recent trip.


That’s Mindy (‘jeans’) on nationwide TV in New York City 6-12-01! Way to show the Viva Baja spirit, Mindy!

A Real Pleasure to Host Viva Baja was mine! Thank you all!