‘Viva Baja’ is a gathering of amigos who love to share their adventures and interest in Baja California, Mexico. Held at a Southern California restaurant, there have been four Viva Baja get-togethers. The fourth Viva was held on Feb. 1, 2003 in Capistrano Beach.

71 Baja enthusiasts attended the event hosted by David Kier, known as ‘David K’ on the various Internet discussion boards. Links to these boards and many other Baja sites and trip photos are found at http://davidksbaja.com/.

If you are someone who loves traveling in Baja and sharing your experiences (via writing books, posting Internet articles, hosting web sites, or operating a Baja business), and would like to attend the next Viva Baja, contact David K at the email address listed in his web site.

Baja authors attending Viva Baja #4 included Bernie Swaim, Marv Patchen, Graham Mackintosh, and Dr. Robert Jackson.

Baja web site hosts attending included Norm Laniewicz and Dick Van Bree of BajaLinks.com, Timothy Walker of Tim’sBaja.com, Eric Robataille and Trish Ramsey of Amigos de Baja (Bajanet.com), Carlos Fiesta of BajaExpo.com, and Jens (El Aleman) of Baja-web.com

Baja businesses attending included Keith Rolle of the Baja California Language College, Hugh and Carol Kramer of Discover Baja Travel Club, Tillie Foster of Hotel San Nicolas, Keri McCarty of the Pyramid Resort, Juanita Miller of El Fuerte Sportfishing, Marv and Gail Sherrill of the Baja Calendar, and Walt and Charllote Hussong.

All other guests are Baja enthusiasts, suffering from a severe case of ‘Baja Fever’!

Please enjoy the following photos taken by ‘Bedman’………..

Msal (Sally) was a great help finding us a restaurant near her community for Viva Baja #4.

Graham Mackintosh shows us his two great books and told us about his third. http://grahammackintosh.com/

Here are John Howard and Judy Smith, both racers in the early Baja 1000 and 500 events. Judy now is an editor for Dusty Times Off Road News.

Aletha Patchen (above), and Judy Smith were some of the first women Baja racers! Aletha and Marv Patchen have authored two Baja books: Baja Adventures by Land, Air, Sea and Baja Outpost.

Bill Bryant flew in from Dallas to attend Viva Baja. Bill is a fan of Erle Stanley Gardner and has explored the area described in Gardner’s ‘Hovering Over Baja’ in his both wheel drive motor cycle.

Timothy Walker is the co-host on Fred Metcalf’s message board as well as hosting his personal Baja web site, (the former) TimsBaja.com

Here’s Tim’s lovely wife, Martha….

Here are ‘jeans’, Mike Humfreville, and ‘M’. All three are regular contributors on the Amigos de Baja discussion board.

Eric Robataille and Trish Ramsey are the hosts of the Amigos de Baja boards (until 2003). Their web site’s discussion board is how many got to know of each other. Many people with ‘Baja Fever’ are out there! The next best thing to a Baja trip is visiting Amigos de Baja!

Here is Edie H. (facing us), chatting with Brandi. Seated is Baja Bernie

Mary Ann Humfreville greeted every guest and checked them into Viva Baja with name tags provided by Brandi… Thanks Mucho!

Marian and Neal Johns (‘Aridologist’). I think Neal is explaining his WiW* system! *(WiW= Wives in Waiting)

Gisela and Dick Van Bree of http://bajalinks.com/ and http://electraweb.com/, web site creating and hosting.

Mike and Mary Ann Humfreville were also big helpers at Viva Baja. Mike brought the PA system. Behind is Hugh Kramer of the Discover Baja Travel Club.

Suzanne (‘Georock’) and Pete This great couple drove down from Mammoth when they heard that Baja Amigos were getting together !

Keri McCarty of the Pyramid Resort, in Baja California http://www.pyramidresort.com/

Maalaea Garcia and Juanita Miller are Msal’s beautiful daughters. Juanita owned El Fuerte Sportfishing in Puerto Escondido, Baja California Sur.

Dr. Robert Jackson flew in from Houston for Viva Baja. He is a published mission historian and is helping David with publishing Choral Pepper’s last Baja manuscript.

Brandi Danley was a great help producing the flyers, table cards, and name tags for Viva Baja. ¡Muchas gracias Brandi!

Judy Lang with her big Baja smile!

Dik Lang is always in good spirits.

Chuck Vernon spoke about his brother’s (Edward’s) new book, ‘Las Misiones Antiguas, The Spanish Missions of Baja California’.

Here is Walt-Hussong, the great grandson of the founder of Hussong’s Cantina!

‘Alejandra’ (Sally) drove from Oregon to attend Viva Baja 4, and then continued on to her floating home in La Paz Bay! Sally attended the first Viva Baja in October, 2000.

Timothy Walker and Carlos Fiesta. Carlos has a great Baja travel info. web site http://www.bajaexpo.com/ Behind Carlos is Michael Doyle (‘BajaXplorer’) .

Mindy (‘jeans’) has been raising money to help the Santiago Zoo build better enclosures for its large animals. Many amigos contributed.

Brian and Annie Smith love hiking in the backcountry of Baja. Brian is a fan of Graham Mackintosh and wants to backpack the length of Baja California!

Marv Sherrill is a marine biology teacher at Dana Hills High School who (with partner, Gail) produces the beautiful Baja Calendar. Sales of it help cover costs for students who go on his annual field trip to Bahia Las Animas.

Hugh Kramer tells us about the new Baja Almanac coming soon to the Discover Baja Travel Club. He is holding a Mexico Highway 1 decal. http://www.discoverbaja.com/

Michelle (‘M’) and David Diekmann (‘BHL’). They host Baja Amigo get-togethers in Baja, called the ‘BBBB’ (Boojum Buddies Baja Bash).

Lindsay Sullivan has roots in Mulegé where she helped with the museum at the old territorial prison.

Mike and Ginny Supino enjoying the outdoor patio at Viva Baja. Riviera Off Road Racing is lucky to have the support of these two Baja fans.

Marla Fisher took time off from her duties at the Orange County Register to join us today, thanks!

‘Baja Russ’ emailed me he would die if he missed Viva Baja! Thanks for staying alive Russ!

Attending with Baja Russ was his friend Allan. Good to see you again!

‘Dave in 29 Palms’ joined us today, on his way to Bahia Concepcion.

Jens Kolbowski is the host of http://www.baja-web.com/. Jens (pronounced ‘Yens’) is also known as El Alemán (The German).

Tillie Foster of Ensenada’s Hotel San Nicolas and Norm Laniewicz of BajaLinks.com. Good to see you both!

Reda Anderson has interests in flying and exploring the desert. Both can be done in Baja!

Emma smiles for her husband Steve (‘Bedman’).

Carol Kramer (from Discover Baja) enjoys the Baja excitement!

Lu Ann Swaim joined husband Bernie to be with Baja amigos today.

Jan Warner joined Keri for the trip up from La Misión to attend Viva Baja. Glad you could come!

My Baja Show and Tell presentation was sharing the photos from Choral Pepper’s adventures with the Erle Stanley Gardner Baja trips of the 1960’s, given to me. Before her death, she wrote the following for me to read to my Viva Baja-2 guests in 2001: http://vivabaja.com/choral_pepper.html

Graham Mackintosh gives us a preview of his third book, in the works. http://grahammackintosh.com/

Steve and Edie Hollen have made Baja traveling part of their many adventures.

Msal (Sally), Bedman (Steve), and M (Michelle). Photo by Dik Lang

Yvonne A. is camera shy! Looking on is Suzanne (Georock), Mike Humfreville, Trish Ramsey and Eric Robataille.

Reda Anderson gives a presentation during the Show and Tell portion. Seated is Norma Kellerup.

The following five photos from Neal Johns:

Alejandra de Baja (Sally Edwards) arriving at Viva Baja.

Bedman, from Neal’s camera.

Trish Ramsey of Amigos de Baja

Eric Robataille of Amigos de Baja forums (to 2003).


Two members of Neal Johns’ ‘Wives in Waiting’ (M and jeans) battle for a lower WiW number!

Dik Lang won Jimmy Smith’s ‘Grinning Gargoyle Spills The Beans’. I would like to thank all those who were so kind to donate door prizes that are so much fun to win. We had two grand prizes, as well! Tillie Foster’s Hotel San Nicolas stay won by Stan and Norma Kellerup and Keri McCarty’s Pyramid Resort stay won by Mike and Mary Ann Humfreville.


Bringing Baja enthusiasts together is what motivates me to host Viva Baja! Also attending, but escaped capture on camera, were Amy Martin, Jim Watson, Marv Patchen, Tom Vernon, Froylan Tiscareno, Keith Rolle, David A., Gail Sherrill, and Charlotte Hussong. Viva Baja #4 was a great success thanks to the assistance of my friends Msal, Brandi, jeans, Bedman, and the Humfrevilles. Also, thanks to those who came bringing great door prizes!: Tillie Foster, Keri McCarty, Lindsay Sullivan, Mike & Ginny Supino, Neal & Marian Johns, Hugh & Carol Kramer, Keith Rolle, Marv & Gail Sherill, Eric Robataille & Trish Ramsey, Bernie & Lu Ann Swaim, and Brandi, Denise & Chris.

Providing prizes, who could not attend: Capt. Mike, Ed Vernon, Jimmy Smith, and Sunbelt Publications.

The first three Viva Baja photo sites:

¡Muchas Gracias a todos y hasta pronto! David Kier http://vivabaja.com/