The Viva Baja Story

The second get together called ‘Viva Baja’ was a smashing success. Those who have a passion for Baja California so great that they share it with others, are the people of Viva Baja. Sixty eight guests came from as far away as San Quintin, Twenty Nine Palms, and Santa Barbara… to meet, see, hear, enjoy, win, and have fun!

Viva Baja’s roots started in May, 2000 when Timothy Walker and David K decided to have a small party of Baja friends to be part of their first personal meeting. Some of the over twenty who attended were Carlos Fiesta, Dick Van Bree, Graham Mackintosh, Greg Niemann, Ferna de Tijuana, Lorenzo de Baja, Wild Bill, David Eidell, Michelle, El Gato Loco, Baja Barb, Whistler, Jens (Baja-Web), Norm (Baja Links), Mike & Mary Ann Humfreville.

Everyone wanted to meet again, but not wait a whole year to do so…. Six months later, the next party (given the name ‘Viva Baja’) was organized by David K. Some fifty guests enjoyed meeting, sharing, and watching videos and slides. See that party at:

I want to give special thanks to Amo Pescar (posters, table names, name tags, guest register sheets); Mary Ann Humfreville (registration table); Michelle (door prize secretary); Baja Mur (super photographer); Baja Ken (music)… thank you very much!

Now, sit back and have a look at some of the many people who made Viva Baja-2 the best yet! Thank you, David Kier

Arriving guests first met Mary Ann Humfreville. She was awesome with the duty of registration and name tags, thank you very much Mary Ann!

Eric and Trish of Amigos de Baja. Their hard work on the premier Baja discussion board, is how we all became friends before ever meeting. The real start of Viva Baja is the Amigos Board! Thank you for all your unselfish hard work, the rest of us all are greater people for it!

Carol and Hugh of Discover Baja Travel Club. They work hard to help their members have the best possible travel experience, glad you guys took some time off to have fun!

Juanita and David of Rancho Cielito Lindo. They came all the way from south of San Quintin to have fun with us, OLE!

Here’s Carlos Fiesta of Baja Expo. He answered correctly Lorenzo de Baja’s (wearing hat) trivia question and won the National Geographic with a Baja article.

Baja Mur and Graham Mackintosh… Mur was our official photographer. This one photo was taken by David K. Mur is one heck of a fisherman who fell into the spell of Mission Santa Maria (a favorite destination of Graham’s) when he and David K went there in May, 1999.

Suzanne and Baja Ken. Ken provided the music at Viva Baja! Gracias to Ken and his new bride. Ken won ‘Bajo California’ (the movie tape) donated by El Jefe.

Here’s Baja Barb, one of the stars of El Camote’s Matomí movie.

Memelada and Neal Johns (wearing orange) share a laugh with Mike Humfreville.

El Jefe (Tom), Timothy Walker, El Camote (Mike), and Amo Pescar (Mike). Viva Baja Amigos!

‘O’ for Orange! Mermelada spearheaded the ‘Orange is In’ colour (she’s British) for Baja gatherings. Top row: Mary Ann, Jeans, Graham, Michelle, Suzanne, Neal, Mike Danley. Bottom row: LN (Ellen), Barb, Marla, and Mermelada (Wendy).

Wild Bill and LN checking out Baja Mur’s laptop with ongoing slides of Baja and Viva Baja.

Here’s Vee (Baja Guera) and Norm (Baja Links). Vee helps out at Discover Baja when she’s not in Baja making discoveries!

Judy Smith (Dusty Times) and John Howard talk with David K about the early days of Baja off road racing.

Daphne and Ron, were guests of ‘Whistler’ (Glenn) on the right. Whistler (in Spanish) is roughly ‘Chifladero’, the handle Glenn uses in the gobaja chat room. Ron is a Baja surfing specialist!

Viva Baja organizer and host, David K (Kier) aka ‘DrDrip’ in gobaja chat room. David’s motto is: ‘You can never have too much Baja!’

Marla Fisher, who writes about Baja in the Orange County Register, and her guest Iris. Marla also frequents the Amigos board.

Baja Russ and his guest Alan, staying close to the bar at Viva Baja!

The ‘Gonzaga Bay Lovers’, Mike, ‘CC’ = Corona Cutie (Brandi), and ‘Rockeeroad’ (Etta).

Timothy Walker (, ‘Baja Boy’ (Zac), and ‘Carlos Fiesta’ ( Three Viva Baja amigos!

Here is ‘Dave in 29 Palms’, with something from the Amigomart.

Lee (from 29 Palms) won Ann Hazard’s ‘Cooking With Baja Magic’, one of many door prizes at Viva Baja-2.

Baja photographer, Jerry Snow and Marie.

Doug Means (Baja Nomad) and Nichole. Nichole writes Baja travel articles in Doug’s great web site. A link to her ‘Kid’s Corner’ is at the end of this page.

Emma and Steve (‘Bedman’). Who says you can’t drive a motorhome to Gonzaga Bay?!

Paulina can’t wait to bring her orange shirt to L.A. Bay. This was the prize offered by Mermelada.

‘Wendy Kayak’ won a Baja Video from Amigos de Baja.

Wild Bill won the new book from Larry Stanton, ‘Arriba Baja’. In back, are Canyonman Rob, Baja Boy (Zac), and El Camote.

Juanita (of Cielito Lindo) won the Time Life Baja book given by Wild Bill.

As soon as Baja Barb won the bottle of tequila (given by David and Juanita of Cielito Lindo) she had new best friends in Jeans and LN!

Marie (Jerry Snow’s guest) won a horse shoe game. Always great to play on any Baja beach! Donated by Amo Pescar/ Viva Baja Tours.

Hugh Kramer (Discover Baja) won the Cruz Garcia painting, donated by David and Juanita.

Here’s Jeans (Mindy)… always happy to be with good friends!

Paula and Tom (El Jefe) enjoying the afternoon with all these great Baja fans.

Mermelada (Wendy) makes a definite color statement at Viva Baja. I am not sure if this is tangerine, peach, papaya, or orange….they all sound delicious!

Here’s ‘Westy’ (Craig), he had a major role in the Matomí movie!

Graham Mackintosh won Ann Hazard’s new Baja novel, ‘Cartwheels in the Sand’.

Earle (Amigos de Baja) is real happy winning a pair of full day fishing passes from Pierpoint. Whistler provided them from the vessel’s owner, Danny.

El Camote and Wild Bill discuss desert video science. Nichole ( gets a good front row seat!

David (M’s B.H.L.) and Dick ( make sure Graham keeps his ‘ass’ in one place! Graham entertained the guests with his famous slide presentation of his Baja walking journeys.

Carol (Discover Baja), won the second pair of sportfishing passes from Whistler and Pierpoint.

El Jefe (Tom) enjoys a chat with David Eidell!

Marian Johns wins the passes to Disneyland, given by BajaMur! Her husband (Neal) will want to spend the whole time at big Thunder Mountain, the desert ride! On stage Michelle (M) assists David K with the door prize drawing.

Norm and Vee giving Baja Mur big smiles.

Here’s ‘Bajahwy’ (Kris) and his wife Kim (behind). They enjoy trips to Loreto, & Baja races. Kris is awesome at Baja trivia questions!

Keith of the Baja California Language College and his guest, Jane.

Isabel and ‘Canyonman’ Rob Williams, who shared a great video of Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs. Rob has been involved with Guadalupe’s development for many years.

David of Rancho Cielito Lindo won a set of camping furniture donated by Viva Baja Tours (Amo Pescar & David K).

Tillie of the Hotel San Nicolas tells the guests about her recent honor of becoming an ‘Amigo de Baja’ awarded from the governor of Baja California and Department of Tourism.

Sylvia and Jay Lawrence feeling the ‘energy’ of Baja excitement!

Daphne won a set of tools from Amo Pescar. Will Ron try to pull a fast one while Daphne’s not looking?

Judy Smith wins the ‘Sea of Cortez’, donated by David K.

John Howard won Graham Mackintosh’s new book, ‘Journey With A Baja Burro’.

El Camote wins a tool set from Amo Pescar.

Here’s Tim (Paulina’s husband). Photo by Bedman.

Another photo of our L.A. Bay amiga, Paulina, taken by Bedman.

Mike Danley (with wife ‘CC’/Brandi) of Gonzaga Bay Lovers, wins another Amo Pescar tool set.


Tom (El Jefe) and Paula won the 2 nights’ stay in Ensenada at the Hotel San Nicolas Honeymoon Suite (with in room jacuzzi)…va va vavoom!!!

Whew! What a fantastic party Viva Baja-2 was…I’m pooped…LOL! This event once again proved the point we Baja people need to get together… regularly. We know how to have fun…going to Baja is one way…going to Viva Baja is another! Thank you everyone for coming and making this day MUY FANTASTICO! Adios, ‘David K’

Designed by Mexray…I say we should all fly it to show our spirit for adventure!

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