ET Located 400 miles south of the border on the Pacific coast, El Tomatal is truly a mystery spot. On one of her many desert explorations, Michelle and a companion, came upon some rock circles set back off the beach. One set of circles had a center stone and a recent ‘offering’ of a heart and liver. The ‘meat’ was fresh, yet no people were seen for miles in all directions! The scariest part was talking from these circles. One’s voice is amplified three times normal. When Michelle tried to leave, her battery was dead. A spare new battery was also dead. Several miles away, a fishing camp was found. A jump start got Michelle going. The fisherman said dead batteries is a common problem at El Tomatal. What is the energy draining, voice amplification phenomenon at El Tomatal….Baja’s ET?

The road to El Tomatal

GRAVEYARD of El Tomatal

On a visit in April, 2000, ‘Alejandra de Baja’ found a grave opened…..

Miles of lonely beach at El Tomatal

The Rock Circle Site at El Tomatal

Only with a center stone did a circle amplify sound. Who placed the animal organs and for what purpose? The truth is out there! The two rock circles at this site were connected by a 25 foot line of rocks. One circle is 8 foot and the opposite circle is 4 foot wide. A pole with a red rope marked the spot and is what attracted Michelle to investigate. Who constructed the rings? Do the rings cause the sound phenomenon or where they placed there because of it? What about the sacrificial placement of a heart and liver. How did these escape decomposing in the desert sun? Bones and feathers adorned the site, as well. Michelle is seeking an answer..

Michelle and ‘Grunt’ the wonder van

Shown here in happier times before a fire destroyed Grunt, most of the ET photos, and almost took Michelle from us.

Michelle on a beach in beautiful Baja California

Here enjoying breakfast from her ‘dining room’. Michelle would like to hear an explanation for the El Tomatal mystery.

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