San Fernando Velicata 1769-1818 (29°58'16.5", 115°14'12.2")

The only Baja California mission founded by the Franciscan Order, San Fernando Velicata was picked by the Jesuits as a future mission site. Soon after San Fernando was established, the mission of Santa Maria was reduced in status to a 'visita' (mission visiting station). Photo in 2002 (towards the north) by Jack Swords (copyright).

1926 misson plan

1926 photo (towards the west) by George Hendry

1949 photo (towards the east) by Marquis McDonald

1953 photo (towards the west) by Howard Gulick

1959 photo (towards the north) by Howard Gulick

1974 photo (towards the east) by David Kier

1975 photo (towards the north) by David Kier

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