DAY 2 is next (San Quintín to Mission del Rosario Abajo, and on to Punta San Carlos (Solosports Resort)…

Morning drivers meeting at Hotel Misión Santa María
We drive the big flat beach for a couple miles. Heli-Jim put the TV cameraman in on the action.
Sand dunes make fun slides!
Casey Currie’s new Jeep.

La Lobera, the sea-lion crater.

A sea food production facility was operational at La Lobera raising abalone and other species of shellfish for a future restaurant on the site. About a year later, following many years of development, the project ended. Problems with pumping sea water into the tanks was given as the reason.

El Rosario and Baja Cactus Tourist Services (Antonio Muñoz) was our next stop.

Baja Cactus Pemex, the last gas station on Highway One for about 200 miles!
The Baja Cactus Motel, a finer establishment would be hard to find in Baja California! A restaurant was under construction here at my last visit.
Cameron Steele chats with Antonio Muñoz, owner of Baja Cactus Motel and Pemex.

Mission El Rosario de Abajo, established here in 1802 following the failure of the spring at the first site (1774-1802). I spoke to the group from here about the history.

Punta Baja for a lunch break. We all love AB Off The Grid Catering!
Good food on the Trail of Missions from Chef Alek Balayan
A very fun time with Cameron and the Trail of Missions 2014 guests and support staff. Thanks amigo for asking me to be there (and get my first helicopter ride)!

The Raptors at Punta Baja, about 10 miles southwest of El Rosario. There was also a Jeep and a Toyota Tundra along.

OOOPS! Spindle issue… Fixed in short order with a helicopter trip to the parts trailer, still at the Baja Cactus Motel!
Punta San Antonio harbor photos:

Punta San Carlos and Kevin’s Resort

Runway 28 at the Solosports’ Punta San Carlos Airport
Copters don’t need no stinkin’ runways!
Kevin’s plane

End of Day 2. Day 3 begins on the next page…

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