A group of old and new friends met up at the desert home of El Camote (Mike), near San Felipe. Mike invited all who wished to make the journey. David K planned the two days tour, and everyone had a part in making it a fantastic weekend. The following photos from David’s camera were put online with mucho assistance by Wild Bill…Thank you! Saturday’s photos of the sulfur mine and Shell Island tour are at: http://vivabaja.com/shell Our objective for Sunday was the oasis like pool and waterfall in Matomí Canyon. Located at the southern end of Valle Chico, about 40 miles west-north-west of Puertecitos. A very distant and difficult to reach nook in Baja’s wilderness. Questions? Contact David at info@vivabaja.com .

We returned to El Camote’s to discover El Gato Loco and Baja Barb as well as Westy and Baja Beach Barbie have arrived in camp. Sunday morning, Dave McFarland has to head home, we loose one Tacoma from the caravan, but gain a Ford camper truck and a hot VW bug. We are off for Matomí Canyon!

Valle Chico, west of San Felipe

Looking across the valley at the snow topped Sierra San Pedro Martir.

An abandoned cattle crossing guard in Valle Chico. GPS is 30°47.877′, -115°07.672′ (WGS 84).

At the junction with the fenceline road (30°35.200′, -115°04.056′). It crosses Valle Chico and continues west through Parral Canyon to near the sulfur mine.

Jumping Cholla

We got attacked by these teddy bear chollas, as Baja Barb called them.

Matomí’s Blue Fan Palms

The big surprise of the day was discovering Wild Bill waiting for us here! Wild Bill and Ellen (LN) drove all night to get here ahead of us, in Ellen’s 2WD Cherokee! It was a great surprise and just another item that made this day so special.

Looking down into the pool at Matomí

Another view of the Matomí pool and waterfall.

Group Photo

Wild Bill, Jack (the wonder dog), Jeans, Ellen, Baja Beach Barbie, Westy, Zac, Mexray, Baja Barb.

Rodrigo of El Matomí

This ranch house is at the end of the road. Behind it is the stream, waterfall, and pool. GPS: 30°27.410′, -115°04.862′.

As our caravan leaves, Rodrigo signals the Mother Ship to beam him back aboard.

Heading back down Arroyo Matomí.

Mexray’s Subaru turns boulders into pebbles!

The Matomí ‘road’ is both sand and rocks.

Mexray’s little ‘self-repairing’* Subaru was quite amazing! In fact, none of the vehicles had mechanical problems or even a flat tire! (* ask Ray)

Monday Morning at El Camote’s

Amo Pescar, Mike Humfreville, Wild Bill, Jeans, and Zac. Zac continues his journey this day to Gonzaga Bay!

El Gato Loco (Matt), Sarah, and El Camote (Mike). It was a fantastic weekend and we all left with fond memories of each other and the Baja experience.

El Tomatal Mystery featuring ‘M’