A group of old and new friends joined up at the desert home of Mike (‘El Camote’) near San Felipe. David K (DrDrip) had an adventure planned. We all originally ‘met’ on the Internet on Amigos de Baja’s General Discussion Board. For many, this was the first personal meeting. The abandoned sulfur mine and Shell Island were the goals this day. We passed through Campo Nuevo Mazatlan between the two destinations. Shown on old maps as ‘Agua de Chale’, my folks and I camped here often in the 60’s and 70’s. Questions? email: At the end of this page, there is a link to Sunday’s Matomi photo website. Special thanks to Wild Bill!

Four Toyota Tacomas and one Subaru Brat made up Saturday’s caravan. The sky was overcast, but the excitment was bright!

The group today included Jeans, Amo Pescar, Mike Humfreville, Dave McFarland, Zac, El Camote, Mexray, David K and his two children (Christopher and Sarah).

El Camote, our host with a beer in his hand, and with the GPS around his neck is David K, our guide.

Here’s Mike Humfreville, possibly dreaming up a novel about the life of a sulfur miner?

Jeans always has a smile and a desire for adventure!

Amo Pescar (left) and Dave McFarland.

El Camote exploring the sulfur mine.

David K… and somebody ordering two beers?

Shell Island with its deep bottomless sand beach. With tires properly deflated, driving was a breeze.

It wasn’t long before my kids got in the water, and the others began finding shells.

As the tide continued going out, new goodies appeared, awaiting discovery.

Sarah loves Shell Island!

We continued to the north point for some more beach driving, then back to the roadhead. Returning to El Camote’s place we would find Westy and Baja Beach Barbie along with El Gato Loco and Baja Barb. Both couples driving down on this day for tomorrow’s big Matomi adventure!

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