El Novillo 23°55'48.6" 110°13'28.2"

A chapel at the ranch south of La Paz, from about 1770. Photo by Jack Swords in 2001 (copyright). The doorway has since collapsed.

Close up of the doorway at El Novillo. Photo by Jack Swords (copyright)

Angel de la Guarda (El Zalate) 23°53'27.6" 110°10'14.8"

Established in 1721 as a visiting station of the La Paz mission by Padre Bravo. Located in the hills above San Blas, about 20 miles southeast of La Paz. Photo by Jack Swords in 2007 (copyright)

Close up of the wall at El Zalate. Photo by Jack Swords (copyright).

San Blas 23°53'10.4" 110°09'16.2"

A modern church built upon ruins from the 1760's is located at the base of the mountain, below El Zalate.

New bricks attached to the nearly 260 year old church's stone wall, at San Blas... 20 miles southeast of La Paz.

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