Visitas (satellite visiting stations) of Baja California Missions:

Visitas were farms, ranches, and chapels connected to the head mission. They were not missions as they did not have a full-time priest or financial endowment. Many visitas were very productive and became missions in time or the mission they belonged to relocated to them. Some visitas were so impressive, writers called them missions, in error.

Visita de San Telmo (attached to Mission Santo Domingo)

30° 58′ 4.9″ N 116° 5′ 33.6″ W (approx.)

1955 photo, Howard Gulick. This cross is on the ruins, located on south side of road as one enters San Telmo.
San Telmo in the early 1930s. Photo by Margaret Bancroft.

Visita de San Isidoro (attached to Mission San Pedro Mártir)

30°45’55.2″ -115°32’49.8″

2016 photo, Tom Wimberly
1998 photo, Kevin Clough. Located across the creek from the end of the road.

Visita de San Juan de Dios (attached to Mission San Fernando)

30°10’57.6″ -115°10’04.5″

2017 photo, David Kier. Located south of the water tank, just past the ranch (Las Palmas).
2000 photo, David Kier

Visita de Santa Ana (attached to Mission San Borja)

28°41’25.2″ -113°49’14.3″

2006 photo, José Ruiz
1957 photo, Howard Gulick

Visita de San Regis (attached to Mission San Borja)

28° 35′ 42.5″ -113° 46′ 23.7″ (approx.)

2023 photo by Leonardo Aguilar
2023 San Regis Ruins by Leonardo Aguilar
2023 Alicia Villavicencio Lopez
2023 Alicia Villavicencio Lopez
1953 photo, Howard Gulick

Visita de San Pablo (attached to Mission Santa Gertrudis)

27°42’07.8″ -113°08’42.1″

2019 photo, David Kier. Located 8 miles past a locked gate. Guide required.
2019 photo, David Kier
1949-1950 photo, Marquis McDonald
1926 photo, Edward Davis

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Visita de la Magdalena (attached to Mission Mulegé)

27°03’29.9″ -112°10’07.4″

2009 photo, David Kier. The site was totally washed away in 2014. Now in a wide arroyo.
2009 photo, David Kier

After the 2014 flash flood, the nearby pila (reservoir) remained: 27°03’29.1″ -112°10’12.3″     However, in 2022, even it was being washed away.

2015 photo, David Kier

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                    Visita de San Miguel (attached to Mission Guadalupe de Huasinapí)

26°43’5.3″ -112° 18′ 7.3″ 

Cemetery of San Miguel that began inside the visita chapel. See the square, cut-stone blocks in the background that were once the chapel wall. First graves were inside the chapel. Photo on April 19, 2022 from NZdo Aicrag.

From the 2002 book by Edward Vernon, Las Misiónes Antiguas, The Spanish Missions of Baja California.

Visita San Juan Bautista Londó (attached to Missions Loreto & Comondú)

26°13’30.8″ -111°28’24.5″

2019 photo, David Kier. Located 1 km. west of Hwy. 1 at Km. 30, north of Loreto.
2002 photo, Jack Swords
1955 photo, Howard Gulick

Visita San Miguel (de Comondú) was originally attached to Mission San Javier. When the Comondú mission moved to just 4 kms away in 1736, the visita of San Miguel (de San Javier) became the visita of San Miguel de Comondú.

26°02’17.4″ -111°50’4.1″ 

A modern church in San Miguel Comondú. Photo by José González Peña in 2021

Visita de Santa Rosalillita (attached to Mission San Javier)

25°55’31.0″ -111°40’15.1″ (approx.)

1955 photo, Howard Gulick
1955 photo, Howard Gulick
1955 photo, Howard Gulick


Visita de La Presentación (attached to Mission San Javier)

25°43’45.0″ -111°32’37.4″

2009 photo, Tom H.
1998 photo, Kevin Clough
1956 photo, Howard Gulick
1950 photo, Marquis McDonald
Circa 1950 photo, Mike McMahan
1906 photo, Arthur North

Visita Angel de la Guarda (attached to Mission Pilar de la Paz)

23°53’27.6″ -110°10’14.8″

2021 photo, José Contreras Ruiz
2007 photo, Jack Swords

Visita de San Jacinto (attached to mission at Todos Santos)

23°14’32.5″N 110°04’38.6″W

2022 photo, José Contreras Ruiz
2022 photo, José Contreras Ruiz
2005 photo, Jack Swords
2005 photo, Jack Swords

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