The road where it climbs out of the arroyo was mostly gone, so the next morning some of the team did some road building. The main concern was towing the dead Bronco out.

TMW’s Tacoma was the rescue vehicle rescue vehicle to get the Bronco out of the arroyo.

Further down the road, we see part of it looks like an airstrip. Perhaps for the mail plane and supplies during construction?
The far end of the runway is where the road split, like the letter T. The left branch is where Ken and most of the team went. It turned out to be washed out. The others (me, Tom, Joe, Harald, and Karl) took the right branch (Pole Line road route).
Shelter at the T intersection.
The road once climbed out of this arroyo here. Now, we have a detour to the left.
Frigatebird’s (Joe’s) Tacoma does fine.
Both Mercedes G wagons had no problems, at all.
The last WWII telephone pole we saw was cut short, like the first ones we saw.

The full Pole Line Road article:

Since we were in the neighborhood, some of us wanted to have a look for one of Baja California’s major mysteries, Where was Spanish Captain Melchior Diaz buried? Diaz was the the first European to reach California by land and was killed in a freak accident. Read more in my article:

We had another mystery to solve on this trip, seeking the Lost Grave of Melchior Diaz, 1541. We turn south where the 1942 Pole Line Road crosses Arroyo Grande.

The first of three side canyons we explore to see if any sign of the Diaz grave can be found.

Tom and Joe follow me… and maybe want to kill me for this crazy idea of mine?
Our camp on Night #3. Three Tacomas and two G wagons.
So much Baja, so little time.
The second side canyon is big enough to drive a short distance into.
Joe and I find a cave!
Joe is brave, I wait outside with the camera ready!
Nobody home!
So many places to explore!
Joe and Tom discuss our searching strategy.
We head back north, down Arroyo Grande but have one last side arroyo to check out.
Where did this giant tree log come from? This arroyo is coming down from a small desert range of hills (Sierra Pinta).
I Love exploring Baja California’s history and mysteries!

Thanks for coming along with us. Find your adventures in Baja California and use to help!

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