A dual event weekend shared with our friends Steve (‘Hotschott’) and Val at wonderful Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs! Elizabeth and I both celebrate birthdays in September and we became engaged on the 5th of September.

Our campsite, ‘La Jolla B’ with hot tub…

In the palapa…

Hot tub under the sky and stars

Peak and Guadalupe Rock above the canyon

A visitor at Hotschott’s campsite, ‘La Paloma’

Mud on the Laguna Salada road was sticky!

We got through but lost 3 of my 4 mud flaps from the weight of the salty mud! We came home via the graded road and washed the mud off right away!

Canyon View with barrel cactus

Canyon viewed from ‘La Paloma’

Desert scene near La Paloma, in the canyon

Signs at canyon entrance

More signs…

The nicest and most private camps are in Arturo’s Campo #1.

One last look back!

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