Elizabeth and I really enjoy the heat of summer and the warm Sea of Cortez to swim in. Two months earlier on our last visit, the water was still a bit brisk: http://vivabaja.com/509

My 2005 Toyota Tacoma has been a great vehicle for Baja.

Looking north from our camp. Percebu is in the distance, across the lagoon, which separates the island from the rest of Baja.

Looking west across the lagoon from our camp on Shell Island.

A tarantula hawk came to enjoy some tomato juice after Elizabeth made us sandwiches.

This is the life! Our view east. It was really hard to believe, but there was nobody else camping on the entire 4 mile long island this weekend.

David K & Baja Angel

We were happy to enjoy the solitude and each other for three days of sand, sea and sun!

There was one other ‘couple’ on Shell Island!

A pair of ‘oyster catchers’ one afternoon, at low tide.

It is nice to just sit and watch the tide go out, while the sun goes down.

A low tide look south… just sand and sea…

… and shells!

Sometimes we find things we have never seen before! This is known as a ‘Mermaid’s Necklace’. They are whelk eggs. A whelk is a large sea snail.

In two weeks we return to Baja for an outstanding 8 day trip to Loreto and beyond, Baja California Sur.

In October, we return to Shell Island one more time before the weather gets too cold for us.