This year, Josh and Kelly joined Elizabeth and I for some beach camping out on Shell Island… Km. 26, south of San Felipe.

Shade is important in the desert!

We love the beach… and there is plenty of beach here to love!

Elizabeth gets some reading relax time in.

Josh tries fishing at low tide.

A pair of plovers were gaurding their nest on the beach.

A plover egg…

Hermit crabs find lots of shells for homes.

.. another happy hermit.

Starfish waiting for the tide to come in.

Between the swimming, fishing and photography we have a shade house to enjoy some cold beers.

Elizabeth is my Baja Angel!

Yah, we’re happy.

With a view like this, who wouldn’t be happy!

Sundown across the Percebu lagoon and behind the Sierra San Pedro Mártir.

Our oldest son Josh and his lady Kelly.

Some campfire time before dreamland.