Pyramid Resort’s 2nd Annual Baja Book Signing Party May, 2004

Pyramid Resort’s Ocean View

Photo by Baja Bernie’s friend Jim Callahan

Carol and Hugh Kramer of Discover Baja Travel Club ( with ‘Miguel Salazar’, author of the Baja Emergency Guide. Photos by David K, except those credited to Jim or Dennis.

Baja Nomad ‘jide’ standing between Graham and Bonnie Mackintosh (

Ann Hazard signing a book at the Pyramid Resort party.

Bernie Swaim and fellow Baja Nomad, ‘Herb’ at the book signing.

Baja Authors Group Photo

Photo by Jim Callahan.

Claudia Hahnel of the Tijuana Convention & Visitors Bureau. Photo by Jim Callahan.

The Tijuana Brewery was busy giving out full size samples of their light and dark beer! Photo by Jim Callahan.

‘David K’

It was a great day with lots of sun. Photo by Dennis Leadabrand.

Keri (with microphone) at the memorial table for Jimmy Smith.

The owners of this Jeep have Baja Fever!

Sarah K and her dad enjoying the wonderful pot luck dinner. Photo by Jim Callahan.

A pyramid cake was the featured dessert, naturally! Photo by Jim Callahan.

What a perfect dance floor! Photo by Jim Callahan.

Photo by Jim Callahan.

Another great Baja sunset for a great Baja day.


Everything was great… thank you Keri! Photo by Jim Callahan.


ElGatoLoco demonstrates one method of tequila tasting to Baja Barb and GeoRock.

After the tasting, and voting, the bottles were uncovered.

The next day, GeoRock, jeans, and two friends take off for some camping on the Sea of Cortez side of Baja.

Just south of the Pyramid Resort, Sarah K takes a horse for a ride, like last year: ( Looking forward to Book Signing Party #3!

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