Two weekend trips this month! First, to attend the Baja Book Authors ‘Signing Party’ at the Pyramid Resort, La Misión. Second, to explore an old road on Memorial Day weekend.

Harry Crosby and Jimmy Smith, 5-3-03!

Harry checks Jimmy’s cartoon name tag at this second meeting of two living Baja legends. They first met in 1967 when Harry was riding on the El Camino Real!

Bernie Swaim, Larry Stanton, and ‘J.R. Baja’ at the first annual book signing hosted by Keri of the Pyramid Resort. Bernie was a big promoter of this idea, as well. Everyone had a great time!

Jimmy Smith and Skeet act like old chums!

Here’s ‘M’ (Michelle), ‘Capt. Mike’, and ‘BHL’ (Dave). Note the fantastic view!

David K with his Baja heroes

I am so very honored to be in the same room with Jimmy Smith and Harry Crosby!

Mike and Mary Ann Humfreville attend all the hot Baja social events!


‘GeoRock’ (Suzanne) has as much fun hosting this as we did participating!

Horseback Riding at K58 (Alistos)

Sarah K. and I take a ride the day after the party.

David K feeling at home, in Baja! The El Camino Real passes right by here…

Mision San Miguel de la Frontera 1787-1833

Just a few miles down the El Camino Real (Mex. Hwy. 1, here) was once an important Spanish mission. Now in a school yard in La Mision, B.C.

Memorial Day Weekend 5-03

I travel solo to south of San Felipe, camp on Shell Island, meet ‘gilaoro’ (Max & Polly), and explore the old San Fermin road, from Arroyo Matomi.

I arrive on Shell Island, just as the sun begins to set. Many other four wheelers are also camping there, this weekend… but, I never heard a sound as I was over a mile away.

The next morning, I leave to meet gilaoro and go on to check a new (to me) area of Baja.

Shell Island has been one of my favorite Baja destinations for over 25 years. No development, just sand and sea.

Max follows me up Arroyo Matomi… The Geo Tracker does fine.

Looking like layers in a cake, Matomi has many interesting geologic features!

The lower Matomi canyon…. just one of so many great places to explore in Baja!

Our lunch break in the middle of the Llanos (Plains) of San Fermin. Just minutes after this photo was taken, a dust devil hit us, lifted my chair (in photo) and set it down (to the left of the picture) on top of Max’s hat! GPS here: 30°34.24′, -114°52.28′ (WGS84), elev. 1,144′.

Returning back to my camp on Shell Island, I see a Bronco across the lagoon, that made a bad choice! Do Not Attempt to short cut to the island, even at low tide!

Baja Legal Services

The sign says: “Want to Be Legal in Mexico?” I guess there wasn’t much demand for their services. Located near Bahía Santa María, about Km. 30 on Hwy. 5.

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