My (new) girlfriend Elizabeth joins me and takes her first trip into Baja, beyond the border region. Watch closely as she catches ‘Baja Fever’ and is captivated by the magic peninsula.

We leave Thursday afternoon Dec. 30, and have a Puerto Nuevo lobster dinner at Chela’s. Antonio Muñoz of Baja Cactus in El Rosario had a room reserved for us when we arrived there at 11:30pm.

Friday Dec. 31, 2004


Elizabeth is standing next to the adobe ruins of Mission San Fernando Velicatá.

All that is left standing of the mission founded in 1769 by Junipero Serra.

Graveyard on the mission ruins
A half-mile downstream are cliffs containing petroglyphs.
This one has been called ‘The Galleon’

The petroglyphs are on a cliff facing east, towards the San Fernando mission site.

Near Cataviña Pictographs

Cool rock art, friends just show up to join us, and maybe Elizabeth is catching ‘Baja Fever’?


The creek (arroyo) was flowing, as seen from outside the painted cave. My daughter took several close ups of the paintings in 2003, see them starting at


Walking back to our truck, we look back to the boulder hill at the top of which is the cave. We stop at Rancho Santa Ynez for a late breakfast then head on to Bahia de los Angeles.

Jan. 1, 2005


Our cabin at Camp Gecko. Last night we had a great meal of prime rib served up by ‘Bedman’ (Steve & Emma) and other pot luck dishes including clam chowder made by Yvonne A .


Between the town of Bahia de los Angeles and Camp Gecko is a monument to two lovers, Hector and Sunshine. They were wearing some New Years fiesta hats from last nights big dance at Casa Diaz.


The turtle research facility at Bahia de los Angeles is one of the bay’s attractions.


Elizabeth gets to hold a baby turtle thanks to a research student who shows us the inside nursery.


Here Elizabeth is looking for ‘Magic Rocks’ to add to tonight’s campfire. The rocks are ore from the El Toro copper mine, north of the bay.
Finding goodies by the water at La Gringa.

Several starfish were waiting for the tide to come back in.

Her first fish taco!

I capture the moment Elizabeth gets her first taste of one of Baja’s favorite treats…

The verdict is: she likes it!!! Several more are ordered… and Baja Fever is taking a firm grip on Elizabeth!


Elizabeth and David at China’s (Chee-nah) taco stand, next to Las Hamacas and the Internet market.
The campfire Saturday night with Magic Rocks added to change the flame color (must see in person).

Jan. 2, 2005

Naturally, the day we leave is the nicest weather-wise! The view from our cabin at Camp Gecko.
More view of L.A. Bay from Gecko.
Looking inland from the beach at Gecko.
Elizabeth is waving from our cabin. ‘Bedman’, Doc, and ‘Packoderm’ visit with us before we leave.
Driving north to town from Camp Gecko.
Bahia de los Angeles (L.A. Bay or Bay of the Angels) where the islands can be seen ‘rising’ up from the water, like angels.
Boojum trees have fun entertaining us!
Usually Boojums (Cirios) grow straight up to 40-60 feet!


My Tacoma along the road to Montevideo.



The colorful pictographs are always great to visit. Drive 6 miles east of the San Borja road, from the junction 2 miles south of the L.A. Bay highway.

Elizabeth is understanding why I am so fascinated with Baja California, as she is becoming.


Montevideo has many places to look for rock art.
This boojum is facing the cliff at Montevideo.

Coco’s Corner, 13 miles from Highway 1 at Laguna Chapala



Elizabeth signs Coco’s guest book. On our next trip through we can see what he draws next to that entry. Coco adds art and cartoons on the pages to remember his visitors by.
Coco and Elizabeth on Jan. 2, 2005.
We get the first glimpse of Bahia San Luis Gonzaga and Ensenada de San Francisquito (usually both called simply ‘Gonzaga Bay’). The small mountain in the center is actually an island that separates the two bays.


Elizabeth gets into the bay.

The bay chases Elizabeth out!

Friendly pelican at Alfonsina’s at Gonzaga Bay. Alfonsina’s manager Antonio treats Elizabeth to a margarita for New Years. Everyone Elizabeth meets in Baja has been so very kind!


As the sun sets, we stop for a look at the Enchanted Islands. Elizabeth has Baja Fever and there is no cure, other than repeated trips back to Baja for therapy!