Neal Johns (aridologist) explores Baja with friends John Perko and Alan Romspert, 9-02.

All Baja photos taken by Neal Johns, the aridologist. Read Neal’s travels and exploits at http://froums, as well as his contributions at

Such beautiful, isolated country… a desert explorer’s paradise. The rock tower is Pico San Juan. Photo looking NW towards San Borja.

A vaquero’s grave… the desert takes its due.

Rock wall at (deserted) Rancho San Juan (1 mi. northwest of San Gregorio). Baja Almanac N-27, R-1.

More Baja rock wall corrals, San Juan.

Close up of wall work.

Neal’s Tacoma TRD, feeling at home!

Attempts to reach the San Juan mines met failure (this time). Neal and friends will try again!

John Perko’s tire got beat by the Baja (rocks)!

Jose of San Borja with mules for the gringos to ride! Photo at ‘El Aguaje’ on the east route of The El Camino Real, four miles east of San Gregorio.

Tinajas (pools) hold water in the bedrock at El Aguaje.

Fountain of Youth???

Neal Johns (rumored to have helped the Jesuits build the El Camino Real) regains his youth after sipping water from El Aguaje’s tinajas!

Line shack at El Aguaje

Indian shelter walls, at El Aguaje.

Mission San Borja was passed on the way in and out from San Juan and El Aguaje. Here lives Jose who can be hired for several types of excursions.

John, Jim Dandy, and Alan in La Purisima.

Graham Mackintosh’s Burro, ‘Misión’

Now living at Jim Dandy’s, Misión was made famous in Graham’s second adventure book ‘Journey With a Baja Burro’

Petroglyphs near Mulegé

more petros….

Final photo from Neal.

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