Here is a basic summary of the Baja California missions… (the second number from El Rosario, on, is the position when included with the Alta California missions). To see photos at each mission (with these facts):

Mission number and common name

Official name

Founding date

Founding Order (and benefactor [sponsor], of that Jesuit mission)

Founding priest(s)

Building dates or site status

Closing date

#1 Loreto

Nuestra Señora de Loreto Conchó

October 25, 1697

Jesuit (Juan Caballero y Ocio)

Padre Juan María de Salvatierra

Stone church constructed from 1740 to about 1750. New roof and bell tower added in 1955.

Closed in 1829

#2 San Javier

San Francisco Javier de Biaundo

November 1, 1699 (relocated 5 miles south in 1710)

Jesuit (Juan Caballero y Ocio)

Padre Francisco Pícolo

Stone church constructed from 1744 to 1758.

Closed in 1817

#3 Ligüí

San Juan Bautista de Ligüí (de Malibat)

November 1705

Jesuit (Juan Bautista López)

Padre Pedro de Ugarte

No ruins

Abandoned in 1721

#4 Mulegé

Santa Rosalía de Mulegé

November 1705

Jesuit (Nicolás de Arteaga)

Padre Juan Basaldúa

Stone church constructed 1757 to 1766.

Closed in 1828.

#5 Comondú

San José de Comondú

1708 (relocated 22 miles south in 1736)

Jesuit (José de la Puente Peña)

Padre Julián de Mayorga

Stone church constructed 1754 to 1760, demolished in 1936. A side chapel was preserved.

Closed in 1827.

#6 La Purísima

La Purísima Concepción de Cadegomó

January 1, 1720

Jesuit (José de la Puente Peña)

Padre Nicolás Tamaral

No church ruins, two crypts remain to mark the mission.

Closed in 1826.

#7 La Paz

Nuestra Señora del Pilar de la Paz

November 3, 1720 (relocated 50 miles south to Todos Santos in 1748, 1 mile south in 1825)

Jesuit (José de la Puente Peña)

Padre Jaime Bravo, Padre Juan de Ugarte

No ruins remain at La Paz or the second site. Reconstructed, enlarged church at the third site.

Closed in 1840.

#8 Guadalupe

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de Huasinapí

December 12, 1720

Jesuit (José de la Puente Peña)

Padre Everarado Helen

Ruins from the 1750s.

Closed in 1795.

#9 Los Dolores

Nuestra Señora de los Dolores (Apaté and Chillá)

August 2, 1721 (relocated 15 miles southwest in 1741 to La Pasión)

Jesuit (José de la Puente Peña)

Padre Clemente Guillén

Ruins at both sites, with only rubble and foundation stones at second site.

Closed in 1768.

#10 Santiago

Santiago el Apóstol Aiñiní

1724 (relocated 2 miles south in 1736)

Jesuit (José de la Puente Peña)

Padre Ignacio Nápoli

Modern church on second site.

Closed in 1795.

#11 San Ignacio

San Ignacio de Kadakaamán

January 20, 1728

Jesuit (Padre Juan Bautista de Luyando)

Padre Juan Luyando

Stone church construction from 1761 to 1767 and again from 1779 to 1786.

Closed in 1840.

#12 San José del Cabo

San José del Cabo Añuití

April 8, 1730 (relocated 3 times)

Jesuit (José de la Puente Peña)

Padre Nicolás Tamaral, Padre José de Echeverría

Modern church on final site.

Closed from 1748 to 1768 and finally in 1840.

#13 Santa Rosa 

Santa Rosa de las Palmas

August 1733

Jesuit (María Rosa de la Peña)

Padre Sigusmundo Taraval

No ruins remain. Modern church and playground on the site.

Terminated in 1748 when the older mission at La Paz was relocated to here.

#14 San Luis Gonzaga

San Luis Gonzaga Chiriyaqui

July 14, 1737

Jesuit (Luis de Velasco)

Padre Lambert Hostell

Stone church constructed from 1753 to 1758

Closed on August 20, 1768 by the Spanish government.

#15 Santa Gertrudis

Santa Gertrudis

July 15, 1752

Jesuit (José de la Puente Peña; from the 1748 closed Mission San José del Cabo’s funds)

Padre Georg Retz

Stone church construction completed in 1796

Closed in 1822

#16 San Borja

San Francisco de Borja Adac

September 1, 1762

Jesuit (María de Borja)

Padre Wenceslaus Linck

Adobe ruins from 1759-1773. Stone church constructed to 1801.

Closed in 1818

#17 Calamajué/ Santa María

Nuestra Señora de Columna/ Santa María de los Angeles

October 16, 1766 (relocated 30 miles northwest and renamed on May 26, 1767)

Jesuit (María de Borja)

Padre Victoriano Arnés, Padre Juan Diez

Adobe outlines at 1766 site. Adobe buildings at second site from 1768-1769.

Abandoned in 1774 or 1775.

#18 San Fernando

San Fernando de Velicatá

May 14, 1769


Padre Junípero Serra

Adobe ruins remaining date to the 1790s

Closed in 1822

#19/ #24 El Rosario [#19 of the Baja California missions and #24 of all the California missions]

Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Viñadaco

July 24, 1774 (relocated 2 miles west in 1802)


Padre Francisco Galistéo

Adobe ruins at both sites

Closed in 1822

#20/ #25 Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

August 30, 1775 (relocated 2.5 miles east in 1798)


Padre Miguel Hidalgo, Padre Manuel Garcia

Adobe ruins at second site.

Closed in 1822

#21/ #29 San Vicente

San Vicente Ferrer

August 27, 1780


Padre Miguel Hidalgo, Padre Joaquín Valero

Adobe ruins

Closed in 1829

#22/ #32 San Miguel

San Miguel Arcángel

March 28, 1787 (moved 7 miles west in 1788 and north 8 miles in 1810, then back)


Padre Luis Sales

Adobe ruins at the second site.

Abandoned in 1834

#23/ #34 Santo Tomás

Santo Tomás de Aquino

April 24, 1791 (moved 1 mile east in 1794 and 3 more miles east in 1799)


Padre José Loriénte

Adobe ruins at final site.

Abandoned in 1849

#24/ #37 San Pedro Mártir

San Pedro Mártir de Verona

April 27, 1794 (relocated 7 miles south after just 3 months)


Padre Caietano Pallás, Padre Pablo Grijálva, Padre José Loriénte

Stone footings at first site. Stone walls at second site.

Abandoned in 1811

#25/ #42 Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina Virgen y Mártir

November 12, 1797


Padre José Loriénte, Padre Tomás Valdellón

Footing stones

Abandoned in 1839

#26/ #45 Descanso (not a Spanish mission)

El Descanso

1830 (near the 1810 relocated San Miguel mission site)


Padre Felix Caballero

Floor and footings exposed and protected next to the modern church.

Abandoned in 1834

#27/ #48 Guadalupe (not a Spanish mission)

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

July 25, 1834


Padre Felix Caballero

Footings added at site in 1998 to simulate mission.

Abandoned in 1840.

More details are in the book, Baja California Land of Missions, from, Amazon, or your local book dealer.