Gulick, Howard E. “The Baja California Mission Trail – Loreto to El Rosario.”
*Unpublished paper made available by the author. Encompasses intelligent and informed suppositions about the route of El Camino Real. Although it is supplanted by first-hand field research, it remains a model preliminary study, marshalling all manner of indirect evidence of the trail. *From Harry Crosby, who consulted with Howard Gulick in the preparation of his 1974 book, The King’s Highway in Baja California.

Howard Gulick’s Notes on finding El Camino Real from Loreto north to El Rosario:

Howard Gulick poses outside of Tijuana with his trusted Willys Wagon on May 4, 1957.
Howard Gulick taking a compass reading while mapping in Baja California, 1950-1962.
Howard Gulick on the steam engine in Las Flores, south of Bahía de los Angeles, April 11, 1959.

More El Camino Real location aids:

Road Building in Antigua California

Harry Crosby’s 1977 Camino Real Maps

A 1792 Road Log on El Camino Real

The modern ground-proofing team and Google Earth placement of ECR

Gulick’s mapping and road descriptions were combined with Peter Gerhard’s history:

1956 (First edition)
1958 (Second edition)
1962 (Third edition) & 1967 (Fourth edition) covers

With the rapid construction of a ‘trans-peninsular’ highway, between 1967 and 1974, along with other road improvements,  a fully revised guidebook was spearheaded by La Siesta Press publisher and a co-worker of Howard’s, Walt Wheelock. The book name was updated, as well.

1975 (Fifth edition)

This new guidebook retained the historical work of Peter Gerhard but replaced Howard Gulick’s maps with three pull-out folded maps to cover the peninsula. They were the first to fairly-accurately show the new highway’s route. 

A 1980 printing of the Fifth edition had a new cover, but no other major changes.

The three maps in the Fifth edition, stitched together in high detail: click here 

The new 1973 highway route, if penciled onto the Gulick maps: