Gulick, Howard E. “The Baja California Mission Trail – Loreto to El Rosario.”
*Unpublished paper made available by the author. Encompasses intelligent and informed suppositions about the route of El Camino Real. Although it is supplanted by first-hand field research, it remains a model preliminary study, marshalling all manner of indirect evidence of the trail. *From Harry Crosby, who consulted with Howard Gulick in the preparation of his 1974 book, The King’s Highway in Baja California.

Howard Gulick’s Notes on finding El Camino Real from Loreto north to El Rosario:

Howard Gulick taking a compass reading while mapping the roads and trails in Baja California, 1950-1960.


Howard Gulick on the steam engine in Las Flores, south of Bahía de los Angeles, April 11, 1959.