The main road down to the beach at El Tomatal.

Esmeralda’s Fish Camp, located on the North side of the beach.

Trailers located at the south end of the beach.

Partial skeleton from what looked like a seal, found on the beach.

Amidst the dunes near the water this rock “ring” was found. Ring diameter = 8 feet. No odd acoustical effects were found in this area

The beach at El Tomatal is home to the skeletons and remains of both several land and sea species.

“F y H.” (F and H). Probably left as a momento of someone’s love for another.

A collection of bones and shells found at the end of a sandy road near the beach. On the left are four whale bones. In the center is the skull of a small dog, coyote, or cat. Located center right are several conical shells. And on the right is the skull and skeletal arm of what might be a seal. A black sandal appears just above the bones, to provide scale.