Photos by Bedman of his trips to San Quintin, Bahia San Luis Gonzaga , and Bahia de los Angeles, in Baja California.

Sand Dunes of San Quintin

Here’s ‘Daisy’ on the edge!

Take a guess…a Russian sub periscope? Nope, it’s a whale in San Quintin Bay.

Lonely beach near San Quintin.

Another one bites the dust…’er sand.

A little rain and the desert blooms!

Daisy has a commanding view of the road…

Typical Baja desert scene.

Emma greets an old Baja resident, the cardón cactus.

Here’s Coco of Coco’s Corner greeting a rare motorhome on the road to Gonzaga.

Co-pilots Emma and Daisy making sure Steve (Bedman) will miss the big holes!

Here’s a 420 lb. black sea bass. Fish in Baja often outsize the fisherman!

Gene of San Quintin Sportfishing, his wife Laura who helps at Cielito Lindo, and their daughter.

The following photos are from the Fourth of July, 2001 week trip to San Quintin for the ‘Boojum Buddies Baja Bash’ (BBBB) at Cielito Lindo, the first three days. Afterwards, we continued south to Camp Gecko at Bahia de los Angeles. Tim (Desert Bull) Sanchez and his two daughters also camped with us.

Colleen, Steve & Emma, The ‘Bedman’ Family

JJ, Emma, Juanita & David

Brittany, Emma, Colleen

Can’t forget Daisy! She knows how to relax, Baja style!

Our Suzuki at Las Pintas, the petroglyph and fossil grotto south of El Rosario.

Sunrise at Camp Gecko, Bahia de los Angeles

Sunrise at Camp Gecko, Bay of Los Angeles

Our camp at Gecko, on the Sea of Cortez.

Moonrise over L.A. Bay

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