Bedman 2002

Steve (Bedman) Baja Photos of April, 2002 Steve has many people & places photographed including: Wet Buzzard Bar (U.C.), L.A. Bay, Turtle Research Center, Raquel & Larry’s motel, Abraham Vazquez (‘Doc’), Emma (Mrs. Bedman), 4Baja & Jake ‘The Wonder Dog’, Sarah K, Mike’s Mountain, a sand storm at Camp Gecko, and more! Bedman was a regular at the Amigos de Baja Board and the Baja Nomad forums after 2002.


TOP: Bedman, BajaNana, David K, Travelpearl, Kathy, Jim, Mary Ann Humfrevile. CENTER: Sarah K, Cody, Katie. BOTTOM: Emma, Miguelito Humfreville, Paulina.

Emma on vacation!

Punta La Gringa at the north end of Bahia de los Angeles.

Dr. Abraham Vazquez, ‘Doc’. Your host and physician at Camp Gecko.

Cody and ‘Fred-Ted-George’, one camp dog hanging around to comfort guests at Gecko.

Bahia de los Angeles campfires are always extra special with ‘magic rocks’ added for color! Magic rocks are copper ore from a nearby mine.

Mike and Steve (4Baja) after a hard day fishing (and maybe a beer or two)!

Jake ‘the wonder dog’, waiting for someone to put a bottle cap on his nose. He flips it into the air then catches it with his mouth! He goes everywhere with 4Baja.

The beach just south of Gecko. That’s Mike’s Mountain in the distance.

Mike’s Mountain

Named after the man who converted a cave at the summit into a guest house. The climb up takes 5 hours, only 3 to get down! Graham Mackintosh writes about it in his first book, ‘Into a Desert Place’.

One of the guests at the turtle research facility.

Turtle Research Facility, just north of town, Bahia de los Angeles.

Raquel & Larry’s Motel, north of town.

Emma is ready to go 4 wheeling!

Taking Daisy for a walk in Baja.

Sizing up a boojum. The boojum tree (cirio) can grow over 60′ tall!

Sarah K (David’s daughter) at the Las Hamacas restaurant.

Sarah with Katie, who was camping at Gecko with her grandfather.

Here come’s David K! Baja vehicle is a 2001 Toyota Tacoma TRD 4WD Xtra Cab…. fantastic vehicle!

David K and a young boojum…

First San Borja mission buildings were adobe.

The Dominicans built the stone church at San Borja. This is the furthest north stone mission in Baja. See the inside… next page.

Inside the main church, Mission San Francisco de Borja.

Sink cut from solid stone. The drain runs to the outside.

Interesting details…

The back courtyard. Notice some of us on the roof.

The Las Flores jail, built by Dick Daggett Sr., over 100 years ago.

Steve (Bedman) and Emma at the Montevido pictograph site.

Just waiting for something to die…

When the wind blows at L.A. Bay, it REALLY blows! Camp Gecko on April 6th…

The ‘Wet Buzzard’ at Gypsy’s Campground, Rancho Cielito Lindo. Top floor being completed for the big fiesta April 13/14 weekend. That’s all for now! Web page by David K