Shell Island Memorial Day '08
The beautiful sand coast south of San Felipe is a favorite Baja camping destination.
The barrier island created by tidal lagoons between Percebu and Bahia Santa Maria has been my
favorite place to beach camp for over 30 years... I named it 'Shell Island'.

One fine Baja beach!

Before finding a low tide access track onto the island back
in 1978, I would drive to the far north end of Bahia Santa Maria.
There I would wade across the narrow channel onto the island's south end,
to see the shells and enjoy the solitude.

As soon as we arrive, Elizabeth has to make contact with the sea!

The vehicle that takes us anywhere in Baja is a 2005 Toyota Tacoma TRD 4 door four wheel drive truck,
4.0 litre V-6, 16" tires (stock size). For deep sand, deflate tire presure by ~50% to float and not dig in!

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