Jan. 1, 2005

Our cabin at Camp Gecko http://www.campgecko.com/
Last night we had a great meal of prime rib served up by Bedman (Steve & Emma)
and other pot luck dishes including clam chowder made by Yvonne A

Between the town of Bahia de los Angeles and Camp Gecko
is a monument to two lovers, Hector and Sunshine.
They were wearing some New Years fiesta hats from last nights big dance at Casa Diaz.

The turtle research facility at Bahia de los Angeles is one of the bay's attractions.

Elizabeth gets to hold a baby turtle thanks to a research
student who shows us the inside nursery.

Here Elizabeth is looking for 'Magic Rocks'
to add to tonight's campfire.
The rocks are ore from the El Toro copper mine, north of the bay.

Finding goodies by the water at La Gringa.

Several starfish were waiting for the tide to come back in.

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