This page is a collection of photos from 2005-2012 showing Roy or photos taken by our friend, Roy ‘The Square-circle’ Hall

April 2005: Off Road Day Trip, Hwy. 3 to Hwy. 1 at Cantamar

Roy and Elizabeth looking at a rattlesnake. Blanche and Richard’s wife stand back.
Roy takes a photo of Elizabeth and David

April 2005: Pyramid Resort Book Signing

July 2005: Baja-Rosario Cultural Festival

Roy in glasses and striped shirt
Roy in striped shirt
Roy examining sea urchin product
Roy holding a beer
Roy on the right. Doug Means (Baja Nomad) looking to camera.
Roy in dark glasses, in middle. Antonio (Baja Cactus), Elizabeth and David at lower right.

Nov. 2005: Erle Stanley Gardner museum show, Temecula, CA.

Roy, Elizabeth, Neal & Marian Johns.

May 2006: Pyramid Resort Book Signing

Phil C and Roy
David Kier, Greg Niemann, Graham Mackintosh

June 2006: The Baja 500 (helping Baja Pits with spotting)

Off Road Racing dog
Roy waiting for the racers to arrive.
Elizabeth and Roy on a hot day. Valle de Trinidad in the distance.

One of the race trucks.
Roy checks out a rattlesnake killed during the race, up from the Goat Trail.

Toyota 4x4s and their owners (David Kier and Roy)

Roy LOVES Baja California!
David and Elizabeth, ‘Baja Angel’

2006 Off Road Expo

Roy and Elizabeth
Tom ‘TW’, David K, Roy ‘The Squarecircle’, Baja Lou Wells

2006 Baja 1000 Baja Pits Meeting

Carlos of Baja Pits discussing the plan for the 1000 race

Roy and Josh have quite a discussion about American muscle vs. Japanese technology in automobiles:

Nov. 2006: The Baja 1000, Baja Pits at El Crucero

Roy, Elizabeth, and Josh at the Cataviña painted cave

Roy, standing, at our pit in El Crucero
Tom ‘TW’ visits with us!
The list of racers we will be pitting is taped to Roy’s 4Runner
Pitting goes all night
After the race and some sleep, we go to Montevideo.
Roy at Montevideo
Roy takes a photo of David, Elizabeth, and Josh (Elizabeth’s son who works for Stewart’s Race Works)
Coco’s Corner: Roy, Josh, Coco, Elizabeth, David
Coco and his visitor books… showing my previous visits
Happy Coco, about 70 year-old
Arrived at Alfonsina’s, Roy at left walking
Gonzaga Bay
Roy, Josh, Elizabeth on shore in front of Alfonsina’s.
Oh boy, shrimp dinner at Alfonsina’s
Last camp of the Baja 1000 trip, on Shell Island

2007 La Turquesa Canyon (Roy & Blanche)

May 2007: Mission Santa María

July 2007: Baja-Rosario Cultural Festival, Las Pintas, Seven Sisters, Bahía Asunción

Roy and Elizabeth at Las Pintas
Roy in the center, behind Elizabeth and ‘Gadget’
Roy (back to camera) looking at Las Pintas caves
Las Pintas petroglyphs
Roy and Gadget
Roy in center
Roy and Elizabeth at Baja Cactus
Roy and Elizabeth as we head to the Pacific, at Puerto Santa Catarina
Roy’s Land Rover at Punta Canoas
Our first camp on the Seven Sisters drive, inland from Puerto Canoas.
Our second camp on the beach south of Punta Lobos.
Roy at the Eagle monument, 2007
Roy chats with a puppy at Shari’s, Bahía Asunción.

May 2008 Roy Climbs La Turquesa Grade (with Tom and others)


New Years 2009: Baja Lou’s final turkey feast, San Felipe

Roy was playing Cuban tunes out of the Land Rover, he named ‘Winston’
TW was chatting with El Camote (Mike Hess)
Big turnout at Lou & Teina’s place
Baja Lou and Rudy (El Comandante Loco) & wife.


Aug. 2011: Discover Baja Birthday Party, San Diego

Roy, wearing a ‘got baja?’ hat has a camera at the ready.

Dec. 2011: Discover Baja Christmas Party

Roy arrives in ‘Winston’
Doug Means, aka ‘Baja Nomad’