In September 2016, 4 well prepared 4×4 Toyotas set out to experience The Baja Extreme tour. My passenger (Pat Malone) made the following 7 videos during the 11 day tour:

Here are ALL 7 videos from Pat of our tour:

#1: San Felipe-San Borja: (6:14 min)

#2: San Borja-Mulegé: (8:19 min)

#3: Punta Concepción: (4:52 min)

#4: San Ignacio: (4:22 min)

#5: Boogie Board (San Roque, Bahía Asunción): (3:21 min)

#6: Yellowtail (San Roque, Bahía Asunción): (4:29 min)

#7: Baja Extreme Chapter 7 (Las Pintas, Mission San Fernando, La Lobera, San Quintin Oysters): (7:38 min)

Pat at Mission San Fernando, September 2016:

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