The second annual festival in El Rosario was lots of fun for all who attended!

Antonio Muñoz (‘BajaCactus’) addressing the attendees of the second ‘Baja-Rosario Cultural Festival’ at the second site of the Rosario mission.

Cowboys (vaqueros) from San Quintin and ‘Nomads’ from California at the opening ceremony.

Antonio talks with Anthony and Rob of the Diamante Del Mar project.

Rodeo Action!

Called a jaripeo which is not as formal as a rodeo it none-the-less provided fun and thrills for everyone.

Debbie M, Baja Angel, Barbara M and David K watching the jaripeo.

My daughter Sarah made friends quickly and was on a horse most of the afternoon!

Baja Angel (Elizabeth) and David K enjoying the festival.


Local artists display their creations…

El Rosario’s La Bocana Beach

We take a 5 mile drive west from town to the nice sand beach. Here’s Elizabeth and Sarah kicking back on a sand dune.

We Baja Nomads return to the Baja Cactus Motel from various activities for some social time before the afternoon feast of crab and carne asada begins.

Baja Nomad Dinner at Baja Cactus Motel

Antonio and Mrs. BajaCactus, Lorenia, hosted a great bar-b-que meal for all the Baja Nomads.

Johnathon, Lorenia, Sarah and Andrew preparing the feast.

Baja Angel and Anthony of Diamante Del Mar, having fun conversations.

John M gets in on the fun talk!

A hungry ‘bajaandy’ doesn’t waste any time!

Mr.Baja Nomad himself (Doug), didn’t let anything (like being in a cast) keep him and the family from coming to the festival.

Little Lorenia and her papa, Antonio.


An international panel of judges were on hand… including Doug Means (‘Baja Nomad’).

The Royal Court of El Rosario

Little Lorenia has a few more years until she is ready to be Miss El Rosario!


The old trucks contained the beauty pagaent contestants and paraded them the length of town along Highway 1.

The parade turned around at the Baja Cactus gas station and ended at the town plaza.

LA LOBERA (3 miles west from km. 47 1/2)

Almost every trip to El Rosario includes a visit to this ‘sea lion crater’. A sea food restaurant is planned and the food will be raised on site.

The high rise restaurant has wonderful views of the Pacific and the dramatic coastline. The large arificial tide pool is where lobster, abalone, crab, octopus and more will be produced.

Jaime shows us baby abalones.

Jaime shows us a young lobster and I notice the bumper sticker on his notebook! I would say that yes, Jaime has got Baja… by the tail!

What a great time (again) in El Rosario!

The 3 day event was fun and full of local culture. Plan the third week in July to be in El Rosario.

Dinner at the Half Way House

Between La Misión and Cantamar on the free road, we stopped in for a great meal served up by Chef Johnny… Sarah is happy!

I am smiling with a Mexicali Beer in hand!

Yes, we like the Half Way House, a lot!

Thanks for joining us in Baja… See you next trip!