Feb. 26 & 27, was a fun weekend in Baja with Elizabeth! We arrived in San Felipe about midnight and were the guests of friends who have a beach home, some miles south.

Just after the sun rose Saturday, I took this photo of the huge sand beach in front of where we stayed.

Elizabeth is ready to see her first Baja off road race!

Lots of action as motorcycles, quads, trucks, and buggies race in Baja.

Trophy Trucks are extremely fast!

This is a Toyota Tacoma racing in Class 2 (unlimited 2 seat).

Pit stop and driver change for the Burgess buggy.

Here’s a Class 7 (mini pickup) racer. The race was fun to watch.

After the race… campfire with friends

Paul (‘Tunaeater’ on Baja Nomad, in the center) stands with his pit crew as the moon rises over the Sea of Cortez.

Elizabeth and David K, Saturday night. The moon is above Liz’ head in this photo by Paul.

Heading to Shell Island, Sunday morning.

Finding goodies on Shell Island!

That’s it… the shoes have got to come off!

A big cardón cactus!


Strange lines dug into the hillside, just west of Hwy. 5, between Km. 113 & 114. This was almost halfway to Mexicali from San Felipe.

GPS:  31°40.53′, -115°4.69  (WGS84)

Here’s a close up of one… from its base up to its sudden end, part way up the hill.

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