Dec. 30, 2003 to Jan. 3, 2004 at Camp Gecko, Bahia de los Angeles. Side trips to Montevideo Pictograph site, Mission San Borja, ‘Lost Mission’ Hunt V, up Arroyo la Palma.

Suzanne (‘GeoRock’) and Pete with their (her) Hummer, at the Montevideo pinturas.

Pete and Mike Humfreville (holding a Dos Equis)!

From top to bottom: Sarah (and her friends from Camp Gecko) Andee, Katie, Andrea, and Kelly. Photo by GeoRock.

Montevideo has many colorful cliff paintings.

Montevideo is well worth a visit

The previous day had been wet, and many clouds still lingered as we left Montevideo for San Borja.

Along the road was a huge boojum (cirio) tree which blew over about 2-3 years ago. This is the remaining trunk, slowly disappearing. I took a photo here, 2 years ago:

A fine example of Baja’s beautiful desert vegetation is along the Montevideo road.

Mission San Francisco Borja 1762-1818

These adobe ruins at San Borja date from the brief Franciscan period in Baja around 1770.

Adobe ruins are behind the newer Dominican stone church which was completed in 1801.

San Borja is the furthest north stone mission in Baja California.

‘Lost Mission’ Hunt V

Exploring up a beautiful arroyo to try and relocate a rock wall and other signs of ancient or very old constrution…

David K in his Toyota is joined by Pete in (GeoRock’s) Hummer, traveling up Arroyo la Palma. More on the ‘lost mission’ below…

Previous Lost Mission Hunts:

Our final day at Camp Gecko, where perfect weather made us forget the rainy New Year’s Eve, three days previous.

Doc’s daughters Jessica and Vanessa with Katie, Tony, and Chris (in back).

Sarah knows how to make friends with the camp dogs (Chip & Daisy). Marla is getting her 4Runner packed for the trip home. Hector & Sunshine…

May have celebrated New Year’s too hard….

Dressed to party… but be sure to not let this happen to you… NEVER drink cheap tequila! Happy New Year Everyone! Read the Lost Mission Hunt details at (in the Baja Off-Roading forum) posted in January, 2004.

Special thanks to Dr. Robert Jackson for photo enhancements of the San Borja and Montevideo pictures!

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