2017 Trip photos: Roads and side trips of Baja California All content by David Kier

In 2017, I was sponsored by Baja Bound Insurance to travel and log the details of all the important roads in Baja California plus interesting side trips I knew or heard of. The goal was to have an online, interactive map that could serve as a planning guide and a travel resource. Photographs and GPS waypoints were recorded all over the peninsula. In addition, I wanted to create an actual road log of all the travels, a log that used the kilometer markers as reference points as well as odometer mileages where there were no kilometer markers. On the final trip, a mechanical issue forced me to return before completing the quest. An additional trip in 2018 fulfilled that need. This series begins south from San Felipe. The first trip went to Punta San Francisquito via L.A. Bay.

Most of the ‘campos’ south of San Felipe are actually places that lease lots for long-term occupancy and people build homes or park trailers on them. My goal was to see only the campgrounds, open beaches, and other points of interest so I could be up-to-speed for information to help fellow Baja travelers. I hope to help the people of Baja California by this and inform the travelers of what options they have, yet still leave enough mystery and not go on every road, so there is still a sense of adventure. Guidebooks have never made Baja California uninteresting, I have found. In fact, they compel me to see for myself and there is ALWAYS MORE to see and experience than any guidebook can share.

This will be an ongoing project to recon the roads and sites in Baja as long as I am able to do this, either physically or financially. This is the first trip, so it is one to discover how this works and what I need to change. In addition to writing mileages and drive times, I also have the use of a GPS communicator that leaves a track of where I drive (or walk) and notes on any place I choose to comment. My friends and wife can text me as well. This is the Garmin-DeLorme inReach Explorer.

Following the details of each day, I will share a few photos of what I saw along the way. I hope it inspires you all to see more of Baja California. This data will be able to be updated and those updates can come from any of you to make this a living map-guide to Baja California!

DAY 1 (TUE. DEC. 27, 2016): I travel to Mexicali then south to Arroyo Grande. I am joined by Geoff from Baja Bound Insurance. Geoff was fascinated with my Lost Grave of Melchior Diaz article: https://www.bajabound.com/bajaadventures/bajatravel/searching_for_melchior_diaz

Geoff and I search a side canyon off of Arroyo Grande for the lost grave, then camp there that night. The grave is still lost!

DAY 2 (WED DEC 28, 2016): Having breakfast, I spot a heard of bighorn sheep, high on the ridge above us. Baja is indeed a cool place (it was very cool this morning!). Geoff returns to San Diego and I begin my research trip south.

The following is only a SMALL sampling of the photos from a wonderful data collection trip…