Our May and July weekends on Shell Island were so nice this year that when we had a three day weekend in October, we had to go just one more time!

The place where we get onto the island is 2 miles south of where we like to camp on the 4 mile long barrier island beach.

The locals didn’t seem to mind us on their beach.

I have been coming out here since 1978 and the view hasn’t changed.

Elizabeth is so happy to be on our favorite beach in Baja. The sand is so soft that both four wheel drive and deflating tires to 15 psi is required to drive on it.

Baja Angel and David K are ready for the weekend!

The first low tide is later that afternoon and we go looking at the shells.

Elizabeth is surprised to discover a shell she just picked up is occupied!

It’s the biggest hermit crab I have ever seen!

Camp is simple and easy. We have a sun shade, tent, table, chairs and ice chest. In the tent is an air mattress and on the table is a propane stove.

We enjoy a campfire after dinner.

Moonrise over the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California).

We share some bread with a kangaroo rat that was attracted to the fire or our dinner.

A vulture glides overhead in the breeze.

At low tide, one can walk a half mile or more ‘out to sea’. This is looking back to our camp from the ‘sea bottom’. During a full or new moon the sea here raises and drops about 20 vertical feet, twice each day. High tide is just after noon and midnight. Low tide is just after sunrise and sundown.

An osprey at rest.

An osprey in flight.

More discoveries… a hacha clam and a sea fern.

This bird wants to have a close look at my Tacoma.

It is a Western Grebe, and not afraid of us.

Another day in paradise… We were there from Oct. 3-6, 2009 and each day was great.

Another super sunset..

The sun goes down behind the Sierra San Pedro Mártir as another great day in Baja comes to an end.

HWY. 5

All of Highway 5 for 30 miles north of San Felipe has been re-built. About 18 miles is four lanes wide and the rest is a wider 2 lane highway. This photo is about 20-25 miles north of San Felipe.

A great 4 day vacation comes to an end. We look forward to next summer and our return! My home page: http://vivabaja.com/