1) Hector’s Monument on Hwy. 1 2) Casa Humfreville, Bahia de los Angeles 3) La Lobera Sea Lion Crater 4) Mision Santo Domingo, 1775-1836

Mexico Highway 1, east of El Rosario.

Monument to Hector (Km. 116-117)

41 mile highway to Bahia de los Angeles

New paved turnouts along the highway are about 3 miles apart. This road is part of the Escalera Nautica ‘cross-Baja’ boat ferry route.

Elizabeth checks out the elephant trees.

New gas station at L.A. Bay… open only a few hours during the day.

South of town…

2.2 miles from the pavement we stop to see Hector and Sunshine, a humorous monument to two lovers…

Casa Humfreville

Mike and Mary Ann Humfreville show us their newly acquired home on the shore of Bahia de los Angeles, a few miles south of town.

Some view from upstairs!

Their view, looking north…

La Lobera, revisited! (Km. 47-48)

6 miles north of El Rosario, a dirt road goes west 1/2 mile, then south 2 1/2 more miles to this giant open roof sea cave/ crater where sea lions (lobos) can be seen far below on their own private beach.

Note my truck for scale of this giant sink hole! Only a few sea lions were down in the crater this day.

The rugged coastline at La Lobera is well worth a visit. See our photos from the previous visit here in May, 2005: http://vivabaja.com/505/page4.html

Mision Santo Domingo

Only 4.7 easy miles, east of Highway 1, just north of Colonia Vicente Guerrero (between Camalu and San Quintin) are the ruins of the second Dominican mission in California.

Thanks for joining us!

‘Baja Angel’ and ‘David K’ hope you experience the beauty and wonder of Baja California, as well! These photos can not replace actually being there, but only provide a hint of the many sites to see!

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