These interesting maps, shown here for educational purposes, come from the Anthropology of Baja California web site of Don Laylander (

Native language groups:

Maps from South to North:

Airapí = La Paz; Aiñiní = Santiago; and Añuití = San José del Cabo


Chiraquí = San Luis Gonzaga; Apaté = Dolores; Chillá = La Pasión (Rancho La Capilla)


Conchó = Loreto


Cadegomó = La Purísima; Huasinapí = Guadalupe. This map is the squared area of the next map…


Kadakaamang = San Ignacio; Adac = San Borja; Cabujakaamang = Santa María; Velicatá = San Fernando; Viñadaco = El Rosario


Casilepe, Ajantequedo = first and second sites of Mission San Pedro Mártir. Close up of squared area is next map…


Close up of squared area is next map…