Matomí Peak (Pico Matomi or Cerro el Matomi) is a desert mountain in the center of Baja California, between San Quintin and Puertecitos. Approx. GPS is N30°22′, W115°07.5′ and an elevation near 5,000 feet. Located several miles from any road, requiring much difficult hiking before the climb begins. Baja Nomad ‘Mexitron’ and his cousin (Hudson) made the climb in 1995, approaching from the south.

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This photo is from the 1958 Lower California Guidebook by Howard Gulick.

A gate is here, about 8 miles from Matomí, on the road to La Huertita (‘Cowcamp’ in the ’69 climb article). Photo by David K, all others following from Mexitron…


Matomí up close… and personal!

Near the top, the peak is actually a long hogback ridge. Arroyo los Locos and Mesa Uribe are in the background (south).

On the summit!

Naturally, tequila is the choice of Baja mountain climbers. Above, Hudson is toasting their conquest. Half a bottle awaits the next brave souls!

Looking north over the northern portion of Mesa Avion, Matomí Canyon, and the white cliffs of Parral Canyon. Note the survey benchmark, to the right of Mexitron.

Looking northwest to the southern Sierra San Pedro Mártir. Below is Arroyo Santa Rosa, full of granite and thousands of blue palms.

Looking east across Mesa Avion, the Arroyo Grande tributaries, and the Sea of Cortez off Puertecitos .

Looking south past Mesa Uribe to the big cliffs of Arroyo Grande. Thanks to Baja Nomad ‘Mexitron’ for sharing his photos with us! 1969 Matomí climb report:

View of Matomí Wash from Mesa el Avion

Arroyo Matomí and beyond is Valle Chico. Rancho el Matomí and the oasis pool is just to the left of this photo.

Mesa Uribe Oasis

Returning from Mesa el Avion and still about 2 hours hike from the truck, is this inviting spot.

Pappy, Dave, and Hudson debate with Mexitron about filtering the water here, or continue to their truck where cold beer was waiting… the beer won!

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Spring Break 2004 in Baja

Hudson jumps into a pool in Matomí Canyon, located 1.5 – 2 miles upstream from the pool behind the ranch. Mexitron, Pappy, Brooks, & Hudson spent 5 days backpacking to Mission San Pedro Mártir before driving to Matomí!

About 30 minutes up Matomí’s canyon was this pool.

The scene 1.5 miles up Matomí Canyon from the ranch.

More Matomí fun… Gravity seems to have been overcome as Huddo tried to jump into the pond. Mexitron looks on in amazement! Is it (really) the water… or, a lot more?